“American Horror Story” takes Shakespearean turn

Tiara Felder, Assistant Editor

In just two episodes, American Horror Story
has absolutely captivated me.  Again.  Last
season, I got drawn in near the end and soon went back to watch the episodes that I missed
because I was so intrigued by the plot.  This season, however, it is the characters that have me
under their spell.
Zoe, one of the lead female characters who is played by TaisssaFarmiga, immediately gained
my sympathy.  I mean, when she was experiencing sex for the first time, her boyfriend dies from
his brain frying right in front of, or beneath, her.  I can’t imagine that there is an easy way to find
out that you are a witch when you are well into your teen years, but this is pretty rough.
Then, her mother tells her that she is going to be sent to New Orleans to attend Miss
Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, an undercover safe haven for young girl
witches.  She doesn’t want to go, but is forced out of the door by two big men in black suits as
she kicks and screams.  At this point I felt absolutely horrible for her, but I still didn’t see who
she really was until the party scene began and she met Kyle, played by Evan Peters.
When their eyes met, I literally gasped and lifted my hand to my mouth like I was in a
sit-com.  It hit me.  Zoe is Juliet, Kyle is Romeo, and there is yet another modern day adoption of
Shakespeare’s timeless play. It was set up perfectly.  Mirroring BazLuhrmann’s 1996 production of
Romeo + Juliet, Kyle sees Zoe (through some type of glass structure it seemed like) before she sees him and is
obviously interested.  Similarly, In Romeo + Juliet, Romeo spots Juliet and they make eye
contact with each other with a large glass aquarium between them.
Also like Romeo and Juliet, Kyle and Zoe seem to fall in love instantly.  After only one
conversation, an intense bond is somehow created between the two of them.  When Kyle dies,
Zoe seems to be devastated.  She and her friend attempt to bring him back from the dead (her
friend’s idea) and when it doesn’t work, she kisses him on the lips.
Ignoring the extremely creepy aspect of Zoe kissing Kyle’s dead lips and trying to bring him
back to life after knowing for only a few hours, something miraculous happens.  Just like Juliet
was awakened by Romeo’s kiss, Kyle is brought back to life.  Zoe and Kyle were just given a
much more fortunate time line and instead of them both dying, they are still alive.
I’m not sighing in relief yet, though.  It is early in the season, and I know that
American Horror Story is great with significant plot twists and that Zoe and Kyle may not continue to be so
fortunate.  I could be wrong, but to me, this new couple is Romeo and Juliet all over again.  And
we all know that their ending was not a happy one.