Melanie’s Mix: a Blend of Culture “The plot thickens on Season Three of Scandal”


Melanie Mitchell, Editor-In-Chief

All hail Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Scandal,” an ABC original show that is
one of my all time favorites. Scandal is actually the first series I have watched (and
loved) since its premiere, so naturally this show has a special place in my heart.
In the most recent episode which aired on Oct. 17, Pope and Associates got
their first client since the president’s cheating scandal was laid to rest. Mary Nesbitt,
the mother of late CIA agent Chris, believes the FBI killed her son in cold blood and
covered it up by saying that he was a terrorist.  Mary wipes out her bank account,
straps a bomb to her chest, holds hostages in the Capitol and demands her son’s
file be declassified so she can know what really happened. With Fitz on the phone, it
is revealed that Chris actually was not a terrorist, but rather posed as one to
infiltrate a ring of terrorists all in the name of freedom.
Olivia now knows Chris’s death was an accident, but if she tells Mary the
truth, they will all be blasted to “kingdom come.” Olivia makes the heartbreaking
decision to lie to Mary and say that her son was a terrorist. Mary pretends to be
cooperative with law enforcement, but suddenly pushes Olivia out of the room,
presses the detonator and KA-BOOM!
Olivia is left to deal with the guilt of lying to Mary and also, with Huck. In the
previous episode, Huck found out Olivia’s father is in command of B613 and
obviously, that didn’t go over so well. During this episode, Huck has the chance to
kill her father, but can’t go through with it.  We see Huck break down with Olivia
saying, “He owns me,” and that’s when Olivia realized her father still owns her, too.
This episode, we are reintroduced to Jake Ballard who narrowly escapes death
and is released from “the hole.” Olivia and Jake haven’t quite figured out why Jake
was released, but they know if he is still alive, there is more work for him to do.
We also get a nice look at Mellie and Fitz as they seem to have a decent time
together. Although they are discussing Olivia’s near-death experience, the two were
peaceful, which brought me back to the Edold times.
There’s a lot of juicy and scandalous material to look forward to in episode 4
which airs on Oct. 24.  How will Olivia deal with her guilt? What’s next for Pope and
Associates? I don’t know for sure, but I can guarantee that I’ll be watching fully clad
in my aspiring Gladiator uniform (complete with my “white hat”) and waiting to see
where Shonda Rhimes takes Scandal next.