Deborah L. Hopla, D.N. P.

As the old song goes, “Regrets, I’ve had a few…” And so will you if you find yourself
waking up one morning to a high fever, sore throat, body aches, headache and that remember you
forgot to get your flu vaccination. If this happens, do not delay seeing a healthcare provider in
the first twenty-four hours. If you have the flu, you can be treated with a medication called
Tamiflu. However, time is of the essence because this medication cannot be given after
forty-eight hours.
     If you come down with the flu, in addition to seeking healthcare, remember to stay hydrated
with caffeine-free liquids. Water is great but so are fruit drinks, Sprite, Ginger Ale, herbal teas,
and soups.
     Medicines that you can take include Tylenol or Ibuprofen. They will help lower the fever and
ease some of the body aches. You should avoid aspirin while you have the flu.
     It’s also important to get plenty of rest and remember to wash your hands. Even more
importantly, do not expose others to your illness. The flu is spread by water vapor: sneezing,
coughing, mucous, etc.
    So don’t end up with regrets this flu season. Be wise and immunize. Get your flu vaccination
before it is too late. Most pharmacists give the vaccine right in the pharmacy. Healthcare
providers also have the vaccine and the student service center is happy to administer it as well.