2013 American Music Awards

Ashley Roberts

The 2013 American Music Awards (AMA) was held at the Nokia Theatre in L.A on Nov. 29. In my opinion, it is time for the award shows to focus on the artist talent.  I do enjoy seeing the drama that awards shows can have, but not all the time. Even the red carpet seems to be all about the attention. It’s so showy and loud most of the time.

This year’s AMAs had lots of fashion do’s and don’ts, AMA winners and performances.  First and foremost, the fashion on the AMA red carpet was very memorable thanks to Lady Gaga! She arrived perching on a white, mechanic horse wearing a violent Versace gown. Gaga never disappoints her fans with her elaborate and dramatic entrances.  Miley Cyrus wore an equally stunning white pantsuit designed by Versace. Honestly. Cyrus, who has been trending across the media, toned it down in her pantsuit.  She looked great without the flashy side shows. While it can be nice to see all of the designer clothes, I still feel that too much attention to this can defeat the purpose of having a red carpet, especially at an awards ceremony.

Other than the red carpet fashion, people largely anticipate the performances that will take place during awards shows.  Who is performing and what they do during the performance gains quite a bit of buzz in the media.

Katy Perry was the first to perform in this year’s AMAs with a Japanese Geisha-themed performance of her hit song, “Unconditionally.” It was a nice performance to start off the AMAs.

Later,  Miley Cyrus’ lip-syncing kitten was something much calmer than her performance from the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this year. I believe her performance at the AMAs was primarily based off the controversy from the last award show.

Even though the fashion and performances were interesting, I still feel like the AMAs are focused more around publicity rather than talent.   Artists like Cyrus seem to want to get attention more than sharing their talents.  Do not get me wrong, Cyrus  is a talented musician, but it seems like she is more focused on how much attention she receives than her actual talents.  Like I said earlier, drama is interesting, but it isn’t why awards shows are held.  I would love to see a ceremony that is more focused around the creative talents of an artist.