Resolutions and Reflections

Deborah L. Hopla, DNP

It is hard to believe another new year is here already.  Many of us will be making and breaking New Year’s resolutions before we have even put the Christmas tree away.  

      In order to make a resolution, we must first reflect on our lives: the things we have done well and the things that we could benefit from improving in our lives.

In thinking about our health, we know it is important to not smoke, never drink and drive and only drink in moderation.  The benefits of drinking enough water, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and getting the proper rest have been shown to transform our lives.

Proper hand washing and good dental care also have many health benefits.  Coughing in your sleeve, taking an influenza vaccine and keeping up with immunizations have benefits not only for us but also for others in contact with us.

Stress reduction and anger management can add years to our lives.  Many times we react to situations instead of doing a reflection which can give us better insight into a problem or situation and allow us take things in stride. 

Exercise and play allows our bodies and minds to regenerate and become stronger.  Mind-challenging puzzles and opportunities allow for growth in areas we may not always use.

Every day is a gift.  We can use this gift or waste it.  This New Year, reflect on the things you have done well.  Reflect on the things you may need to change.  Resolve to make this year the best, and be the best you can be.

Change what you can, and let some things go.  The past is gone but today is now.  Enjoy it and always give it your best.