Live beyond yourself

Natalie Bejarano-Dugarte

I remember sitting out by the beach on those clear summer nights as the wind rustled through my hair and the sand lightly scratched my ankles, reminding me of its presence. It’s those moments of solitude that I cherish wholeheartedly, as I sit and ponder over major turning points and events in my life that have made me the person I am today. I can’t help but recount all of the things I’ve gained and lost through the years, the blessings in disguise, and the situations I’ve faced that have made me become the person I am today.


Something I think is quite interesting about our character as living, breathing, human beings is that we tend to take things for granted a lot of the time. It usually takes a life-altering event to bring us back to the reality that our time here on earth is limited. There’s too much going on in the world today to stay asleep and watch life pass us by. I strongly believe that every one of us has an unique gift to bring to the world and we need to help others along the way for as long as we can. There are so many others out there that are less fortunate – and for this reason, we need to appreciate more, complain less, and see the good in everything in life – especially the positive side of things.
At times I find myself thinking that the world is heading to a cruel, dark and scary place – just take a look on the news if you don’t believe me. Granted this view is probably more of an exaggeration than it should be, I believe it’s up to all of us individually to create a more peaceful world. If you take a good look around you and listen closely, you’ll see that almost everyone is going through their own dilemmas in life, but needless to say no single issue is greater than the next. What can you do as an individual to create a change in someone else’s life? Although you may not want to be their direct confidant, inform them that you are always there for them if they need someone to talk to, and whenever they do come to you, listen. Chances are all this person really needs is a listening ear, and that is very therapeutic in itself.