Discovering true satisfication

Robyn McNeil, Editor-in-Chief

It is common for people to equate satisfaction with securing a win after a long and hard-fought battle.

And, unfortunately, a misguided few may even feel satisfied whenever they have managed to obtain more at the expense of another who got less.

However, time and experience has taught me that satisfaction is not about personal gain, but taking whatever you have acquired and using it for the betterment of others.  In essence:

True satisfaction comes once you recognize that you have something to offer, and genuine fulfillment follows when you allow that “something” to benefit not only you, but others as well.

Utilizing talents and cultivating new skills is what gives you something to offer. Satisfaction is the result because you become aware there is something substantial that only you can provide.

While we do not share the same talents and skills, each of us has things that we do well.

Every talent does not come in the form of an amazing singing voice or athleticism worthy of a gold medal.

Talents are also intellectual and intuitive, such as the writer who assembles words into poetry or best-selling novels, or the humanitarian who has an aptitude for philanthropy.

For example, some of us have been graced with the incredible gift of empathy and are capable of understanding the emotions and mending the feelings of those around us.

This gift may not earn you a Grammy or a trophy, but I encourage you to never underestimate the value of a good heart; kindness and compassion have been known to save a life.

There are also those of us – military servicemen, lawmen, firemen – who possess outstanding bravery and go toward danger while the rest flee from it.

Consider your talent or skill as a gift, and anything that is intended to be a gift looses its purpose if it is never passed on.

As you nurture your abilities, ask yourself how sharing them increases their potential and impact.

How memorable is a performer who does not sing a song that speaks to the experiences of his or her listeners? What good can bravery do if it is not used to protect those who are fearful?

Realize and apply the talents and skills you have to offer, and discover the satisfaction that comes with all you are able to achieve through them.