Conflicts about Ebola

Katrina Moses, Staff Writer

I have been hearing about Ebola since July. I must say, I was not paying any attention to it at all until early August when they were still talking about it. Just to continue this timeline, I was scared of the incurable disease up until the beginning of October.

I know fear is normal. After doing research, I have concluded that South Carolina is prepared to stop Ebola if necessary. Just by knowing my state is trying to prepare, I am at peace (a little bit).

I say I am almost at peace knowing my state is ready to take care of me and protect me, but I heard an Ebola conspiracy theory. I almost cried at the dinner table when my friend was telling me that Ebola isn’t real.  I looked at her in disbelief, and I stayed in disbelief as she explained everything to me, until logic came in.

This conspiracy theory is that Ebola is not even a real virus. That Ebola was created in a lab in Africa to be a vaccine for other diseases, but people in Africa were getting sick as a result. Now there is talk that if a vaccine for Ebola were to be created, it will be sent to countries like the United States. A lot of people would want the vaccine to be protected. Once this is done, everyone will want it, and protests will become rapid. The result will be that the government will give Ebola to the public, unknowingly, in the form of a vaccine just to appease the public. Once the public takes it all in, they will start to die out slowly, and the American population will decrease.

Every time a disease or virus wipes out a huge population, there is talk about the American government trying to control population.  I honestly believe America will do anything to control the population. America has done underhanded, evil and disheartening things in the past, and they always talk about how there is not much room in America anymore, everything is overcrowded. Individuals may not pay attention to it, but there are still people who desire to get rid of those in poverty, and believe the way to do so, is through any means necessary.

In your mind this probably doesn’t seem real, but to me it did. I say this because movies like The Purge just seem too real, and it always incorporates people’s distrust of American government and institutions.

For example, the background to The Purge is that once a year you get to murder people who have betrayed you, and you are able to get away with it. That same day, the wealthy murder the weak and the poor to drop that excess population. If this conspiracy is correct about Ebola, it sounds a lot like the antics displayed in The Purge.

I’m conflicted because my state of residence is ready to combat Ebola if necessary, but I also have heard how deceitful the American government can be.