Working on Thanksgiving

Katrina Moses, Staff Writer

I have worked at the grocery store, BILO, for the last two years of my life. I have worked on Thanksgiving Day both years. There are people who think that it is cruel to have a person working on that day, and that individual cannot enjoy their family, but in my opinion, it is not like that at all. I am here to tell you that working on Thanksgiving Day does not bother me.

On Thanksgiving, my store opens at regular hours, six in the morning, but shut the store down around six in the evening on that festive day. Therefore I do get to spend time with my family after I clock out. But let me give you the reasons as to why I do not dread working on Turkey Day.

The first reason why I enjoy working on Thanksgiving Day is because I know I am blessed. I have spent twenty-one years on this earth, and I have plenty of Thanksgiving memories with my family. I know that this particular day is for family time, but my family understands that my job is important to me and that I love to make money. On top of that, it is easier to work this day because I am still young, and in the future, I will have an additional family. On the other hand, I am not married, and I do not have any kids. I think in the future, when I have to work on Thanksgiving, it will bother me that I cannot spend it with my husband and our kids. I will not be able to create new Turkey Day memories.

The second reason it does not bother me to work on Thanksgiving is that the customers make my day easier. I love it when customers come into the store, to buy that one can of cranberry sauce that will make their dinner meal so special. It is sometimes even cool when they tell you interesting stories of Thanksgiving past. I like it when I try to play “What are you making for dessert?” The customer will usually put pie crust, lots of Hershey’s Kisses, milk, and sugar on the conveyer belt, and I have to guess what they are baking.

After I play a few rounds of “What are you making for dessert”, I tend to get the customers that say, “I am so glad you guys are open. We have more guests coming today than we thought- now I have to double up on a meal.” At that moment, I am glad that my store is open because I know what that is like. My mom has sent me out on multiple trips to the store because we tend to get more guests than expected. If I do not get the appreciative customer, I tend to get the concerned customer that is wondering, “Aww, you are working today. I am sorry that you cannot be with your family today.” Then I have to soothe them and tell them it is all good.

The third reason why I love to work on Thanksgiving is because overtime helps me get those Christmas presents. I’m a cheapskate, so I what make on Thanksgiving Day, is utilized for Christmas presents for my family and friends.

The fourth reason why I don’t mind working is because someone may have it way worse than I. The people who work on Black Friday have it worst- their shift starting at 4 a.m. Then on top of that, I get claustrophobic easily and too many people in one place would make me uncomfortable. I don’t want to see somebody get trampled because another individual wanted to get the better steal on a luxury item. I would be exasperated after the first hour.

I must say, it is time to get back to work actually. I am in need of some extra change, and I need to work for it. I guess I need to pull some overtime at BILO come Thanksgiving.