I am the sea of Red

Katrina Moses, Staff Writer

I remember October of my freshman year at FMU when the Eastern Carolina Agricultural Fair came to town. I really enjoyed it, but something dawned on me while I was at the fair: FMU didn’t have a homecoming! I knew we didn’t have a football team, but we needed a homecoming for at least one sport.

A friend explained that we only have homecoming in the spring during basketball season and at the beginning of softball and baseball season.

I was interested in going because basketball was my favorite sport. I definitely enjoyed homecoming that year. It even snowed!

Now, here I am, a junior at FMU, and homecoming still intrigues me. I support Patriot basketball the best I can, but the Sea of Red lacks school spirit. I honestly believe some students come to the game simply because they want a free T-shirt.

I was disappointed this season that the men’s and women’s basketball teams have not won many Peach Belt Conference game. However, even when they lose, I still cheer on my Patriots. I may not have the rhythm or stamina to be a cheerleader, but I do have the voice, facial expressions and energy.

I have witnessed plenty of home games where the Patriots have played their hearts out. The women’s defense is tight, and the boys dunk every half.

I would go to bed sad that these teams have stamina and heart, but the score didn’t always show it. They have improved by practicing individually and as a team. They have fixed a few of their mistakes and have earned more wins. It wasn’t unusual for me to wake up the next morning hoarse from cheering on my fellow Patriots.

During homecoming, I was in the stands cheering on the men’s and women’s basketball teams. They deserve wins. I don’t care if I lose my voice in the process or if I have to put on a cheerleading outfit. I am a part of the Sea of Red, and I have faith in my basketball team. My Patriots can get the victory.