Midterm Madness

Lauren Owens, Staff Writer

When we are in the middle of a semester of college, the world seems to be a blur.  For every day of classes we have, there seems to be three days worth of work and business that need to be completed.  By the end of each week, I seem to have a list of stuff to do for the next week and a pile of stuff from the last week that I have forgotten to do.

By no means am I complaining about all the stress that comes with college.  Yes, if you see me on a daily basis, I may look like I am sleep deprived and I am stressed to the max, but at the end of the day, I truly am happy with everything going on at college.

Call me crazy, but I live for the days when I have a to-do list a mile long and seem to not have enough time to complete all of the work.  Staying busy while I am at school means that when I have a break, I enjoy those moments more.  I am grateful for weekends, sleep and recreational time.

Even though I would love to not feel guilty about binging on Netflix and taking naps, I would not trade a minute of this crazy life as a college student.  There is a certain in going to a coffee shop to study and cherishing the free meals you get from your parents when visiting home.  It is the first real experience most of us have living on our own.

My aunt used to tell me when I was in high school making college plans: “When you get to college, there are two things you should do. Work hard and enjoy every minute of it.  You are going to do things there you never thought you would do, and it will be a whole new world to you, but do not forget to relish every minute.”

Now I know that every single word she spoke to me could not have been truer.  I never thought I would be a mass communication major, actually enjoying all of my classes every day and being independent at such a young age.

I am a completely different person now than I was a year ago in my cap and gown receiving my diploma.  The world of college is a completely different universe than anywhere else.  In four short years, you are given more opportunities than you have probably ever been given in your lifetime.

Yes, there is more stress than I could ever imagine. However, our elders do not call their college years “The glory days’ for nothing.  These are the days that shape who we become and who we will spend the rest of our days with.  While you are stressing out about exams and part-time jobs, do not forget to enjoy your time at college.  Once it is gone, you cannot get it back.