Anna’s Adventures, Jumping J’s: A fast food diner

Riding down Irby Street around 9 p.m., my friend and I decided to stop to eat at the neon-lighted Jumping J’s restaurant. This was my rst Jumping J’s experience. Overall, I thought it was a decent place to stop when looking for a quick, cheap meal.

For those who have never stopped at Jumping J’s, it looks like a blend between a fast food restaurant and a straight-out-of-the- movies diner. The walls are decorated with a ower- patterned wallpaper that adds to the diner feel. Booths wrap around the walls and are placed throughout the middle of the oor, resembling the set-up of the typical fast food restaurant. Jumping J’s does not blend in at night. The entire roof portion of the building is lit up with different colored neon lights, reminding me of what I imagine a disco looked like in the ‘70s.

Standing at the corner deciding what to order, I was surprised at the variety of food Jumping J’s offers. They serve the traditional burgers and chicken tenders, but they also offer a seafood platter menu, gyros and s variety of sandwiches and pita wraps. Jumping J’s is likely to sell nearly anything you could be in the mood for after studying for hours on end.

This causal restaurant with a wide variety of menu options has also reasonable prices. The seafood menu is pricier, which is expected. My Philly cheese steak dinner was $7.65. A full menu with price listings can be found on Jumping J’s website, but all in all, the food is affordable.

The one pricing issue I found was the drink prices. A small drink costs almost $2. If you are eating in, as my friend and I were, it is inconvenient to continue getting up and re lling our drinks. If you are grabbing your food to go, I de nitely suggest stopping somewhere else to get a drink because the drink is not going to go far. The drink selection is also limited. They have a fountain machine with six Coke products. They also serve lemonade and tea.

I was satisfied with the service provided at Jumping J’s. This restaurant is not one where you get served at your table. You order at the counter and get your food when your number is called, again much like a fast food place. The ladies at the counter taking orders were very polite.

Also, the cashier that took my order was friendly and answered my questions about menu items with enthusiasm. The wait for our food was not too long. It was longer than a fast food wait, but it was only about 10 minutes.

Jumping J’s is eat in, take out and a drive thru restaurant. It is a nice option for dinner with nals coming up. Jumping J’s offers a wide variety of food choices that is an alternative to McDonald’s, which by this point in the semester, we are all tired of anyways.