Student voters support quick solution candidates

Some student voters will hit the polls this fall to vote for a president for the first time in their lives. What are student voters looking for in their next U.S. President? Unlike most other Americans planning to cast their vote, this generation of voters wants those solutions to be ones of instant gratification and fulfillment of their immediate needs.

On the right, we have front-runner Donald Trump whose charisma and outlandish commentary has young people believing he can really make America great again. Trump has given some “end all, be all” solutions to big issues facing America today in his campaign speeches: building a wall at Mexico’s expense as a solution to immigration reform, banning Muslins as a solution to the growing terroristic threat of ISIS in the U.S. and flaunting his power over China and their leaders as a solution to our enormous debt to the country.

While Trump’s quick solutions to America’s problems seem like the right answer, it’s important to remember that past U.S. difficulties such as racial inequality, the Great Depression and the threat of communism were not solved by one person or with one solution. The U.S.’s current problems won’t be solved that way either. Trump is making promises he really can’t keep if he reaches the Oval Office

While speaking of promises that can’t be kept, let’s take a trip over to the left. Bernie Sanders has wooed young voters with promises of free college education and a $15 minimum wage. While many students today see a country where college costs too much and jobs pay too little, Sanders’ promises seem to be the ultimate answer to their issues like a gift from a god; a president who gives you a free education while paying you $15 an hour to do minimal-skill job. While these reforms seem to be the perfect solutions for student voters right now, these types of economic reforms in this country could be lead to a grim future of high inflation and even higher taxes. Once again, we have a candidate supported by young voter s make promises he won’t be able to keep.

Remember that while quick solutions and flashy reform might seem like the way to go, campaign promises can be easily broken when someone takes office, and sometimes the quickest way isn’t the best.