Anna’s Adventures: Flavors of India

Anna Jackson, Staff Writer

Even though burgers and fries are easy and cheap to get with our busy school schedules, it is nice to enjoy a sit-down dinner and have a break. Recently, I took a break at Flavors of India, a sit-down Indian cuisine restaurant located on Palmetto Street, conveniently close to campus. The break was a pleasant one that I plan to have again.

The food at Flavors of India is reasonably priced with many options. The menu includes a vegetarian menu along with the chicken, lamb, and seafood menus. The menu also includes an extensive array of naan, which is like pita bread. There is also a dessert menu, which has some common American and some Indian desserts. The desserts are worth a try.

Flavors of India serves a mango ice cream that has a slightly different texture than regular ice cream. They also serve a sweet naan that is a nice way to top off an incredible meal. In addition to their lunch and dinner menus, they advertise a lunch buffet special Monday through Saturday.

As far as prices, it is not too expensive. Naturally, it is going to cost more than McDonald’s, but it is a sitdown restaurant. The typical plate costs about $13, but it is a large portion. Every time I have visited Flavors of India, I have had enough food to take home and snack on later.

The atmosphere of the restaurant and the staff are also pleasant. The restaurant itself is small. Tables are pretty close together, and people sitting around can hear your conversations. Even though Flavors of India is a little compact, it still is an enjoyable place to eat. The lighting is slightly dim, which creates a calm and laid back environment.

Flavors of India offers good service. Our waitress was friendly and was willing to answer any questions we had regarding the menu. It is typically important to customers that their glasses remain at a reasonable level. What my friends and I noticed while dining at Flavors of India was that the server continued to top of our drinks until the food came.

After we got our food, the waitress was not as punctual with filling our glasses, which is unfortunate when eating spicy food. The owner also came to check on our table to make sure the food was satisfactory and to talk us into dessert, which I am glad he did. He was also exceptionally friendly. He seemed to genuinely care about how we felt about our food and wanted our experience at his restaurant to be a good one.

As a an overall experience, I enjoyed eating a t Flavors of India. It had a good atmosphere with amazing food. The prices were reasonable for the amount of food given. Even thought the service was not perfect, it was still good enough to not hinder the overall experience.

If you want to take your own adventure to Flavors of India, be sure that it is not between the hours of 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, opening at 11:30 a.m. However, the restaurant closes for a break between the lunch and dinner hours. After reopening for dinner, Flavors of India stays open until 10 p.m.