Anna’s Adventures: Starfire Grill

A good way to test the quality of a restaurant is to go with your closest friends. This is exactly what my bridesmaids and I did with Starfire Grill.

We converged on the restaurant for me to formally “propose” to the lovely ladies I wish to be standing by me on my wedding day. A party of six at a restaurant can be challenging in and of itself, but my bridal party is something else. Starfire Grill pleasantly rose to the occasion and surpassed any expectations I had of the restaurant. For those that are looking for a pleasant sit-down dinner, I highly recommend Starfire.

The hosting staff was very quick in accommodating our somewhat larger party. Even though we did not make a reservation and came in during prime dinner time at 7 p.m., we waited less than five minutes for our table to be ready and to be seated. After our dinner, the hostess was also nice enough to take several pictures of our group with great enthusiasm.

The waiter was just as pleasant as the hostess. Our waiter was very friendly and attentive. He sat down to take our orders, organizing all of the orders by name to ensure efficiency in delivering drinks, food, and checks. He made small talk with us and congratulated me on my engagement. Not only was our waiter friendly and pleasant to interact with, he was excellent in keeping our drinks full, which is an essential component to a restaurant experience. Again, our dinner party consisted of some loud individuals. There was loud chit chat and even louder laughter. Our waiter was patient in trying to take additional parts of our orders. Although, when he did not think anyone was looking from our dinner party, he did give us a rather irritated look, but I think it was well deserved.

Overall, he maintained impeccable service to us throughout our dinner.

Service is only one half of a dining experience. The other key component is the menu, and, for some people, the menu is much more important than the quality of service. The menu at Starfire was just as impressive as the service. Starfire serves both Mediterranean and American food and even some dishes that combine the two. The dinner menu in extensive in that it is a whopping four pages long. There are so many choices that I was overwhelmed and had a difficult time deciding what to have for dinner. Each of us got something different, which is not surprising with their large menu. From the chatter after dinner, everyone seemed to enjoy their respective meals. As for me, I had the pita burger. As the name suggests, it is a burger wrapped in pita rather than served on the traditional hamburger bun. It was amazing and entirely too much to eat in one sitting, so I got dinner and a snack for later. This was one of the unique options that Starfire offered within the massive menu. For those of legal drinking age, the drink menu also has a pretty abundant array of beverage options, which includes but is not limited to cocktails, martinis, Greek wine and beer.

As far as price goes, Starfire is reasonable, but it is also wide-range. Starfire is open Tuesday-Thursday 10:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m. and Friday 10:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m. The restaurant is closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. In addition to their lunch and dinner menus, Starfire offers catering and buying food in bulk. More information about Starfire Grill can be found on their website