Social media to change society

Instagram and Snapchat are probably the two most common forms of social media these days. People use multiple social media platforms throughout the day, whether it’s to blog or to post one-too-many selfies a day. However, some people seem to forget how powerful social media really is. For example, my mother is an avid Instagram user. She gets most of her news and keeps up with the latest information by using Instagram. She is probably more up-to-date on current events than I am.

She uses social media, primarily Instagram, for two reasons. One of her accounts is to keep up with her family and on her other account, she posts writings and quotes. I would always wonder why she would have an Instagram if all she did was post quotes and short rants all day.

When I think about the average Instagram page, I think of hundreds of flawless, perfectly filtered pictures. Therefore, her page seemed a bit odd to me. Now, looking back, it was only odd because I didn’t think about the reason it was she would posts those things.

It doesn’t matter if you have 500 or 1,500 followers on social media; word travels fast. The best way for something to be seen and get passed around is through social media. Facebook is an excellent example. I rarely post anything on Facebook now, but I am constantly sharing posts. Some people can post something and the post gains shares, having 10 shares quickly going viral sometimes within a day. Things spread so quickly on the Internet leading me to my main point.

Social media is a powerful tool. It can either be used to someone’s advantage, or it could do actual harm. That’s why we should be very cautious of what we post on social media. Sometimes you risk ruining someone else’s reputation or your own by posting certain things. Suddenly, it’s on the Internet indefinitely and for everyone to see.

Now, I am beginning to use social media to make sure my voice is heard.

Most of the time, posting a serious or inspirational quote won’t receive as much attention as a beautiful picture. But, just because it isn’t liked so much doesn’t mean it hasn’t been seen. If you have over a thousand followers on Instagram, when you post something, each of them can view it. That’s a lot of people to view something, which can ultimately be used among their own followers.

People are going to use social media for their own purposes all the time, but I feel that since social media is such a powerful tool, it should be used for more than just selfies. I feel that social media should be used to bring awareness to certain situations that some people are unwilling to see. There is so much going on in the world. Yet, many people want to ignore global issues. That’s why the use of hashtags is so much more relevant now; it can bring attention to a trending topic.

I only say this because I hear people complain about change too often. They complain about how things are always going to be the same and that no one is doing anything about these problems. Yet, those complaining also often refuse to make any changes.

You never know what could happen if you were to use your voice in the many social media platforms available.