Don’t forget to remember

The moment you walk into class and everyone else has already put their finished assignments in a crisp stack on the professor’s desk is the moment you realize you have misremembered the due date for your very important assignment. The everyday business of life as a college student made it all too easy for this little yet very important detail to slip right out of your mind. I know I have personally felt this sinking feeling as I walk into class more times than I care to admit.

However, in recent semesters, I have found a remedy for this tragic, yet prevalent issue that even good college students face. I discovered the travel calendar and planner combo; it is a life saver for the forgetful and a dream for those who struggle to stay organized. I initially turned my nose up at the prospect of owning a planner because it felt like more of a status item and less of a functional college aid. Luckily for me, Brandi Jones strongly suggested I try one out and see how I liked it. Ever since the day I decided to heed the wise advice of an upper classman and dear friend, I have been much more stress free. I immediately knew the purchase of a planner was one of my best school supply decisions that I can remember.

Owning a planner comes with the convenience of having all your due dates and assignments in one place with no need to constantly check online platforms or try to find that syllabus you lost the first day of class. Everything you need to prepare for in advance is in one physical place. Say goodbye to the days of finding out the test you thought was next week is actually tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a cure all for the struggles of college, but there is a very good reason why upperclassmen recommend a planner. Getting a planner sophomore year is something that has made a very positive impact on my college experience as a whole.

Being able to look at the big picture of each month, but also the weekly and daily features of my planner helps me bridge the gap between the little details and the whole picture. The planner is not only good for keeping up with assignments; it is also good for being able to see when you have free time to spend with family and friends. You may be wondering why I don’t use the calendar on my phone, and the answer is that there are many reasons a planner has helped me more than a calendar app on my phone.

One major reason I decided to use a planner instead of my app is that once I open my phone, I often find myself scrolling through various social media platforms and forgetting why I even picked up my phone to begin with. Secondly, calendar apps are not always reliable, and phones need charging to keep you informed on dates unlike a planner. Lastly, using a planner has helped me be more mindful about my time management.

I recommend giving it a shot. You never know what you are missing out on until you try it out.