Place ban on guns not E-cigs

Mirella Manilla, Staff Writer

After nine vape-related deaths were reported in the United States this year, several stores have decided to stop selling e-cigarettes, yet some still continue to sell firearms even after astronomical numbers of gun-related deaths have been reported.

To this date, there have been 12 vape related deaths reported in 2019. Since April, big corporations including Walmart, Dollar General, Rite Aid and Costco all have decided to no longer sell e-cigarettes after their inventory is empty.

In August alone, 53 innocent people were killed in mass shootings. According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a non-profit that keeps track of every mass shooting in the U.S., there have been a total of 312 mass shootings reported as of Sept. 28, 2019.

It should not be easier for someone to purchase a firearm than a bottle of vodka. Someone can go into a Walmart today in South Carolina and purchase a firearm, but not hard liquor due to state laws.

After the unfortunate event that occurred in El Paso, Texas at a Walmart, Walmart decided to stop selling ammunition and no longer allows open carry in their stores, but this country needs more than that. The government needs to listen to the people, the survivors and the children who are afraid they may be in the next mass shooting.

The U.S. government and firearm retailers need to worry about gun violence just as much as retailers have been worrying about vapes and come up with a plan as soon as possible. Kids shouldn’t walk into school every day wondering if they could be the next victim. Gun violence has killed more young adults than e-cigarettes have in just one month, but the government still can’t come up with a plan.

There have been many protesters begging corporations to stop selling guns, yet they don’t. One girl lying in a hospital bed with a poster asking everyone on social media to stop vaping was all it took for people from both parties to give up vaping. So, what will it take in order for our country to take action and do something about the gun problem we are facing?

These corporations don’t really care about our well-being; it’s all about business. Walmart would be giving up a big chunk of revenue if they decided to stop selling guns and lost its business with the older generation. Unlike e-cigarettes, which were mainly purchased by younger people who don’t spend as much at their stores.

Living in the South, you see the ignorance people have toward gun violence. What these gun owners need to understand is that these protestors are not trying to convince the government to take away their hunting guns. Instead, they are trying to make it harder for anyone to purchase a gun, to protect us all from future gun violence. Laws must be passed so citizens can feel safe again, children can go back to feeling safe in school and families can go out to crowded events without feeling paranoid of a mass shooter. We have to continue fighting for our country to pass stricter gun laws.