Keepin’ It Reel: “Project Power”

A famous actor Jamie Foxx stars in this must watch comic book-like film about what it would be like to be granted infinite power or be destroyed by it. The film is a coming of age story that combines comic-like features with modern controversies we see in everyday life. I’ll admit, I really haven’t been impressed with Fox’s films in the past, but I figured I would give this Netflix film a shot since it included one of my favorite alternative rappers, Machine Gun Kelly, otherwise known as Colson Baker. This a film I think everyone would enjoy, but I know if you’re like me, a comic geek, then this film is definitely a hit.

Imagine a world where a normal human being can achieve superhuman abilities for a five-minute window by taking a pill. Sounds great, right? Not always. The catch is, you’ll never know if the pill will grant you powers or cause you to self-destruct until after you swallow it. That’s the premise in this New Orleans set sci-fi/action film where Levitt, a rogue cop, partners with a smart, but underage, drug dealer who’s pushing the aforementioned power drug and supplies him on occasion. Together, they fight crime, but when Foxx, a former military man looking for his kidnapped daughter, rolls into town, the power behind the drugs asserts itself – leading to some very violent set pieces, with tons of CGI. After kidnapping the child drug dealer, played by Dominique Fishback, Foxx uses her as a ticket through the chain of command of these deadly addictive pills, hoping to recover his daughter and end the addiction that these power tablets have inflicted on the world they once knew. But not everyone is as nice as they seem and even these two partners have their share of secrets that could either make or break their mission.

If you like Marvel and DC films, or even the comic books, this is definitely a must-see. I was skeptical at first, but with COVID-19 shutting down theaters until last weekend, my options for watching anything new were costly and few and far between. I’m glad to say I was not disappointed at all. I loved Colson Baker’s brief, but impactful, character portrayal of someone who had been deeply affected mentally and physically by these power pills. In the past, Foxx’s films have been mediocre, in my opinion, but “Project Power” has redeemed his reputation in my book.

Overall, this film was action-packed with great special effects, strong acting and power visuals. I was deeply impressed by the unique and captivating plot. Taking all of that into account, I’d give “Project Power” an 8 out of 10. With COVID-19 limiting our social interactions in our normal hang out spots, like the theater, take this time to get comfortable and break out the Netflix and ice cream for this suspenseful, big screen-style, action-packed film.