Pets’ unexpected benefit of emotional support

Do you ever have days where you feel lonely, but at the same time, you don’t want to go out and socialize with people? The days when you have no energy, but you don’t want to be alone all day? When you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? Do you know something to solve that issue: having a pet cat.

Getting a cat of my own was one of the best decisions I ever made, especially now during tennis season. My cat, Stitch, is a furry little companion who never leaves my side. On weekends, when I have matches and, therefore, don’t have much time to socialize, he acts as a buffer to help me feel less lonely. Truthfully, I have horrible FOMO, or fear of missing out, so on the weekends that I have matches, I often get a little sad or anxious because I feel like I’m missing out on the social aspect of my life. Having Stitch has helped ease some of my worries because he provides me with comfort. He makes me feel less alone. Plus, just looking at his cute face immediately cheers me up. 

I got Stitch from a friend who found him outside in a ditch with thorns on him. He was barely eight weeks old at the time, and he was the size of a hand. My friend posted a story about him, and half as a joke and half-seriously, I slid up and said I would take him. She immediately told me I could have him as she didn’t know what to do with him. I called my mom, and she said I couldn’t handle having a pet cat, as I was too young and already had too much going on, being a student-athlete. I told my friend I would take him. The next day, Stitch arrived at our apartment, and my mother was not too thrilled about it. Since she was 10 states away, she realized she could do nothing but hope for the best. 

Fast forward to when she met him over Christmas break and became obsessed with him, as everyone who met him did. Our other cats at home loved him, and he loved having a house with other cats with which to play. For Christmas, my mom even got him a cat condo and cat house to play with when he came back to school with me. Stitch loves it and sleeps in it every night. She also “offered” to keep him at home with her and my dad because I would be “busy with my tennis season,” but I politely declined and said he would be coming back with me.  

After my parents dropped me off at school after the break, they told me I did a good thing by taking Stitch in because I gave him a good life. The truth is, I give Stitch a good life by spoiling him with organic cat food and toys, but he gives me a good life, too. He always gives me comfort and love when I need it. Whenever I am home, even if I’m just doing homework, he’s lying right beside me. People can come and go in life, but with Stitch, I know he will always be there.  

A lot of people get pets as emotional support animals. At the end of the day, I think, regardless of whether or not your intention for buying your pet was for emotional support purposes, they end up turning into an emotional support animal anyways. 

If you’re considering getting a cat, this is your sign to go and adopt one. You won’t regret it!