Student urges others to be courteous

Dear Editor:

This letter is in regards to a lack of common courtesy that I’ve noticed among the people on campus.

Let’s start with behavior in cars and in the parking lots, since it is the most dangerous issue. It seems like every morning when I get to school there is a multitude of cars riding around the parking lot scrambling to find a space. This is normal, except for the fact that all of those drivers believe they have the right-of-way in every situation.

If drivers would just follow posted traffic signs and drive with some form of caution, my near-death experiences on campus would be dramatically reduced. I’ve also noticed people who are leaving campus drive as if they absolutely must be the first to leave. Why chance wrecking to shave a few seconds off of your time?  Just slow down a bit.

In addition, today as the rain fell steadily, people walking from their cars to class had to stop and wait for cars to pass; all the while rain soaked them.

As I left campus, I did not have a problem pausing for 20 seconds to allow the pedestrians to go in front of me. Since I was happily dry in my car, I think it was the least that I could do to let them hurriedly get out of the rain. I think everyone should adopt this mindset.

Finally (but importantly), bathroom etiquette is horrendous. All over campus people have no respect for those who use the restroom after them. It takes less than five seconds to flush after yourself, but it seems that no one on campus has time to spare.

I thought I had left high school years ago, but every time I walk into a bathroom on campus, I am instantly transported back. I loathe saying this, but what would your mother say?

Campus courtesy doesn’t take much effort and has a large impact on everyone and their day. Please remember we ARE in college and should behave accordingly.


Davis King,

Courtesy crusader and dedicated reader