Three Patriots take on Washington, D.C.

To all FMU students, faculty and staff,


Recently the Patriot ran an article about some students that are taking a trip to Washington D.C. in January. As the time has gotten closer for us to go on our trip we (Brooke, Veronica and Melissa the Mass Communication students that were selected) have started a blog. Our blog has all of the information about our trip.

When we get to Washington, we will be updating our blog about all of the seminars that we are attending. We hope that all of you will follow us on our blog as we travel around D.C. Along with posts, we will be uploading pictures and videos of all of our experiences. Our hope is that as we learn, you can learn along with us. The experience of being in a city that has such rich history for our country is exciting. Attending a seminar held by a distinguished group such as The Washington Center is an even more unique opportunity.

Our blog is called Three Patriots Take on Washington. The name has a double meaning. Obviously, the mascot at Francis Marion is a patriot. However, it is also a reference to the patriots who lived in America during the time of the American Revolution. The Patriots were the people that fought for a free America. As students looking to enter the job market we want to make a difference. We want America to be the best that it can be.

If you have any questions or comments leave them on our blog and we will do our best to answer them. Follow us at:


Brooke, Veronica and Melissa