Fun with a different type of family

Katelyn Lamb

“And Baby Makes Seven” by Paula Vogel opened at the Performing Arts Center on February 20. It is a psychotically funny comedy that kept me entertained throughout its entirety. There was not a moment when I was not laughing hysterically or brought to the verge of tears. I still laugh during every scene even though I have seen it performed over twenty times and read the script itself more than that.

The first half of “Baby” is shocking and somewhat confusing, but by the end of the play, everything makes sense.  The play focuses on a lesbian couple and their gay friend having a baby while at the same time killing off their three imaginary children in creative ways. While the plot is unusual, the message is clear. Everyone should allow themselves to have fun. This is the message I hope every person gets when they finish watching this play.

I have quickly fallen in love with this nontraditional family, especially the imaginary children that the actors perform so well.  Paula Vogel and her play “And Baby Makes Seven” has quickly made it to my favorites list.