Anna’s Adventures: Addie’s Baby Paint Studio

All too often I hear people say that there is nothing to do in Florence. I must admit that the choices are not as abundant as one would hope, but if you look in the right places, you can find unique activities. I was eager to check out Addie’s Baby Paint Studio when one of my friends suggested that we go paint and drink wine downtown.

My friend and I reserved spots and went to experience the paint studio first-hand. We enjoyed the first impression of the studio which had a quite intimate setting. Tables were lined with small easels, and the walls were covered in paintings. The overall environment was laid- back and inspiring to my previously non-existent inner artist.

The artist who taught the class my friend and I attended, Winter, also added to the welcoming feel of the paint studio. She explained at the beginning of our class that the paint studio was named Addie’s Baby because her mother’s name was Addie. Winter was not only welcoming, but she was also encouraging. She convinced me, someone with no visual artistic abilities whatsoever, that I would be able to successfully paint my owl, and it would be something I would be proud enough to hang on my wall.

After paying for the class, which cost $35, we were given canvases with the sketch of the owl lightly drawn. This sketch made the painting seem possible. The paint was also already set up for us at some of the easels. Winter walked us through each step of the painting process. She instructed us on how to blend the background colors and how to add accents, adding depth to our paintings.

Her instructions were given at a faster pace than I, personally, could keep up with, so I had to cheat off of my friend’s painting quite a few times. I spent much of the class playing catch up. Even still, after the two-hour class, I had a painting that I was exceptionally pleased with. The class ended with picture that was shared on the studio’s Facebook page.

Winter offers classes with many different painting opportunities. I painted a purple owl, but other options include foxes cuddling, a monogram painting and a leopard printed heel. To attend a class, you have to make reservations. Also, you have to bring your own bottle of wine, but the glasses and snacks are provided.

Addie’s Baby Paint Studio offers other options in addition to the two-hour paint classes. You can host a closed paint party or have a bridal shower paint party. Details regarding these events can be found at Addie’s Baby Paint Studio’s website,

The paint studio was a fun and unique girl’s night out. It offers the opportunity to do something different but still do something local. Overall, my experience at Addie’s Baby Paint Studio was a pleasant one. It was relaxing, which I am sure the wine had a hand in. I can definitely say that I will be venturing back to the paint studio.