Anna’s Adventures: Victor’s Bistro

This New Year’s Eve I decided that I was going to be an adult and celebrate the way adults do. So, my friends (and fellow adult fakers) decided that we were going to go to Victor’s New Year’s Eve Celebration that included dinner, dancing and a champagne toast at midnight.

Due to this being a special occasion, Victor’s did not serve its regular menu. The special menu consisted of different choices for each of the four courses of the meal. The event consisted of a four course dinner, party favors, a champagne toast and dancing and was $65 per person, tip and tax not included.

On a regular basis, Victor’s offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, kids’, bar, dinner and dessert menus. As a whole, much of the menu is dominated by steak or seafood options. The lunch menu offers a wide variety of sandwiches. As far as price goes, the lunch sandwiches are between $8 and $13. The dinner menu is priced at what I would expect to pay at any sit down restaurant. Dinner options are between $14 and $38.

My dining party included three people other than myself. My food was absolutely amazing. I am not a salad-type person, so I had fried shrimp as an appetizer, steak for my main course and chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. The only thing I did not enjoy was the scallop amuse bouche. I passed that to one of my friends because I do not eat scallops. Everything else was absolutely amazing. It was by far the best shrimp I have had in quite some time. The steak was flavorful and tender.

However, one of my friends ordered a salad for her appetizer. She was not impressed. According to her, her salad both smelled and tasted like feet. Even though she did not enjoy her salad, everyone in the group enjoyed his or her main courses, dishes and desserts.

The service at Victor’s was also impeccable. Our waitress was prompt and friendly. She was quick to carry on a conversation with us and give recommendations as far as menu options. She also seemed genuinely interested in how we were enjoying our meal. On top of our waitress being top-notch, we were also approached by the manager of the restaurant and a couple of the chefs to ask us if we enjoyed our meal and our experience at Victor’s. Again, their inquiries seemed sincere. The entire staff was very welcoming, even though we were obviously younger than the majority of those attending the Victor’s New Year’s Eve Celebration.

As I said, our table appeared to be younger than those around us. The restaurant was much more sophisticated than we had intended, especially for our New Year’s Eve plans. It is the kind of place where you need to know which fork is the salad fork. However, it would make a great, super fancy, super adult Valentine’s Day date.

As for the rest of the night’s festivities, I cannot make any comments because after we had dinner, we left to retire to my friend’s house to sit on the couch and drink wine like actual college students.

My first experience at Victor’s was an interesting one. Overall, the atmosphere was a bit stuffy for early-twenty- year-olds, as we were only pretending to be adults with no adult tendencies whatsoever. The service and the food were satisfying. I am sure that I will be returning to Victor’s in the future.