Anna’s Adventures: Logan

Some people have long been over the string of superhero movies that seem to constantly be dominating the box office; others are die-hard fans that never tire of seeing the newest interpretation of their comic book favorites. I find myself in the middle of those two groups. I roll my eyes at some of the movies but anxiously await the release of others. One superhero movie that I was awaiting was “Logan.”

Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays Wolverine, announced a few years ago that his time of continuing to play the hero was limited. “Logan” is the last film that he stars in as the Wolverine. Because I grew up watching the first string of X-Men movies, with Wolverine being one of my favorite heroes, I knew that this would be a movie that I would have to see. On top of the great story, Jackman is eye candy.

There was a lot of hype and high expectations for this movie, especially because it was Jackman’s last X-Men film. I tried to keep realistic expectations because the movie business has let me down before. However, after the ending credits rolled I found myself satisfied with the movie and its role.

Those who have followed the X-Men movies know that Wolverine is a tough, skilled fighter with a terrible attitude. In “Logan,” I was shocked to see an aged Wolverine who was capable of getting beat up (even if only for a few short moments) by thugs trying to steal his tires. Throughout the movie, he is seen walking with a limp and having a constant cough. It was a complete 180 to the Wolverine I was used to seeing.

The plot itself interesting, but the background set-up took longer than I would have liked. The movie is set in 2029, which accounts for the aged Wolverine. Once the plot picks up and the big reveal takes place, the movies drops off again. It has comical moments that break up the tension and gore that make up the majority of the movie. Then, toward the end of the movie, the plot picks back up. The best way to describe the entire film is by relating the film to a rollercoaster with two big drops. In between, there are pieces of information revealed about what happened to the other X-Men and who the little girl, Laura, is, but those details are not as dramatic as the two big drops.

Overall, the plot, the twist and the ending were a satisfying ending to the Wolverine story. The movie had references to past movies, such as a reference to previous battle sites and the appearance of his dog tags, which long-time fans will appreciate. The movie also included the running joke of comic books. These jokes frequently appeared to Wolverine’s disgust, causing him to say the writers only took a fraction of the truth and spun a large web of lies and that most of the events in the comic books never really happened.

The ending of “Logan” was the first time I have heard sniffles throughout the theater after a superhero film. I will not deny that I was among those bawling their eyes out.

Although this movie left me in an emotional state and I tried to rationalize that it should not have ended the way it did, the movie was very entertaining and memorable. As a film in the superhero genre, its emotional power says a lot. The movie was the end of an era and definitely worth a watch.