Baseball season looks promising with first win

Lillian Miller, Sports Writer

The FMU baseball team beat Limestone College 10-2 on Saturday, Feb. 4.

Limestone batted first. Pitcher Spencer Jordan only gave up one hit in the first half of the inning. When it was FMU’s turn to bat, they scored a run and got two hits off before the inning ended.

During the next three innings, there were no runs added to the scoreboard.

The game did not heat up until the bottom of the fourth inning. Limestone switched pitchers and Brock McCallister batted first. He hit a single up the middle of the field. The next pitch was to Jarrod Reed.  It was a wild pitch, which gave McCallister time to steal second. The next pitch was similar to the previous pitch, and McCall-ister seized the opportunity to steal third.

Reed was finally able to get a piece of one pitch and sent the ball into left field.  This gave McCallister all the room he needed to score a run for FMU. Reed then stole second.

When Buddy Sosnoskie took his place in the batter’s box he hit a triple down the right field line. This allowed Dalton Gress and Michael Wilson to each score a run for FMU.

“It felt good to make contact with the ball,” Sosnoskie said. “I hit the ball with the barrel of the bat; it was good contact. It’s a good feeling to know I won’t have a batting average of .000 for ­­­­the year.”

At this point, FMU was up 5-0, with Sosnoskie on third. There was only one out so far in the inning.

Next at bat was Stephen Tarkenton, who hit a grounder to the shortstop and was out, but it was all Sosnoskie needed to get home.

At the top of the fifth, Limestone did not get a hit or a run, and soon it was FMU’s turn to bat again. By the bottom of the inning, the score was 9-0 with one out left.

There were no runs made for either team in the sixth inning.

It was in the top of the seventh that Limestone was able to get a score on the board. Jarrott Hooks struck out the first batter. The next batter, Chad Balderman, hit a homerun over left field. The score was then 9-1 with two outs remaining.

FMU quickly got the last two outs, and it was soon their turn to bat again.

FMU was not able to score in the bottom of the seventh, and Limestone was not able to score at the top of the eighth.

At the bottom of the eighth, Sosnoskie scored a run thanks to his teammates.

In the final inning, Limestone had to make 10 runs to win the game. That was not the case. They were able to score one more run before the end of the game.

“It was a really well-played first game for us,”  Hooks said. “We played pretty good defense and hit the ball really well. Spencer gave us five shutout innings, and I was able to finish it out. Overall, it was a successful first game for sure.”