Meet The Athletes: Yasmin Bunter


Yasmin Bunter, senior psychlogy major, says she been in love with soccer since age 9.

England native Yasmin Bunter has wrapped up her senior season for the Francis Marion University (FMU) women’s soccer team.

Bunter has been playing soccer competitively since the age of 9 and fell in love with the
game the moment she touched the ball.
“It feels really good to move the ball around and create chances in front of the goal,” Bunter
Bunter’s passion for soccer is obvious when she is on the field, and this is shown by the hard
work she puts in.
After years of training and playing for various teams, Bunter was able to develop the skills to
play almost any position on the field. Her versatility helps her in stressful situations.
Frank Pitt, women’s soccer head coach, said Bunter has a pretty good knowledge of the
game.  Pitt added that she was always aware of where she was on the field and was constantly
looking for opportunities for goals to be scored.
Bunter played as a forward and holds the leading number of assists for the team, which
shows her ability to work well with her teammates.
“She is looking for her teammates before she is looking for herself,” Pitt said. Bunter did not score as many goals as she would have liked to for the season, but this is something she had to work through.
“This year hasn’t been going well for me in front of the goal,” Bunter said.
The team was having a rough season until their match against South Carolina State on Oct.
22. They were able to win in overtime, finishing with a score of 2-1. The team finished their
season with a record of 2-17. Despite the unfavorable season, Bunter was able to build confidence in her abilities on the field from years of playing soccer. She played on a semi-professional soccer team, the Virginia Beach Piranhas, for two summers.
Playing for the Piranhas allowed Bunter to stay in shape and improve her confidence.  She
played with players of high skills and kept her spirits up. Pitt said her time with the Piranhas enabled Bunter to see a different style of play and grow as a player.
The style of play in the U.S. is different than in England, and this has also helped Bunter
develop her skills.  She explained that the speed of play is much faster here and training is more
focused on fitness.  Back home in England, the play is more technical.
Bunter was a team captain for her junior and senior year, and this helped her to improve as a
“I was able to improve my communication skills and learn how to be part of a team,” Bunter
Bunter is majoring in psychology and is pursing business as her minor. She will graduate in
May 2014, and she said her career interests could take her down several paths.
She is considering playing for the Piranhas or another semi-professional soccer team in the
U.S. or overseas.  However, she is also thinking about pursuing a master’s degree in clinical
psychology to become a counselor.