Intramurel hosts NFL Madden tournament

The FMU Intramural Recreational Department took center stage on Saturday, Aug. 29, to sponsor the first ever FMU Madden tournament.

Eleven players signed up for the tournament and competed in the card room and on the first floor of the University Center (UC) to find out who was the best Madden player on campus. It was filled with multiple close games and one fourth-quarter comeback that was worthy of an ESPN instant replay.

Derrick Young, Director of Intramurals and the brain behind the Madden tournament, stated that the main reason he thought of the tournament is because he was hoping that it would get more students involved in intramural sports on campus this year.

The winner of the tournament, Scott MacGilliuray, a weekend UC manager, not only got the satisfaction of being the best Madden player on campus, but also received an intramural champion t-shirt and his picture on the champion board located in the weight room of the UC.

Young knew that FMU Welcome Week focused on activities that mainly took place during the week, but he knew that he had to do something to get students involved on the weekend. He is also thinking about having a similar 2K Basketball tournament to kick off the spring semester.

Senior accounting major Chad McCorkle, who entered the tournament and randomly selected the Washington Redskins, said, “I came out to just have some fun and meet some new people.”

McCorkle may have had a bright outlook on the tournament, but for others it was just as serious as if they were playing in the Super Bowl themselves.

“I’m upset because I lost. I can’t believe it. I’m stunned,” Austin Halliburton, a sophomore middle level education major said.

The tournament was double elimination style, and players and fans were given complimentary popcorn and drinks, courtesy of the Athletic Department. The Xbox systems and games were provided by the Intramural Department.

The Madden tournament was just the beginning of what the Intramural Department has to offer.

There is a singles and doubles Ping-Pong tournament on Sept. 8 and Sept. 10. Also, one of the most popular intramural sports, the flag football tournament, is approaching quickly. The last day to submit an application to play is Sept. 7. The tournament will begin on Sept. 17. Volleyball and kickball tournaments will be played during October, and men’s and women’s spade tournaments will be held in the UC card room for those who prefer inside activities. Ultimate putt-putt and Wii bowling events will start in November, and the fall semester concludes with the popular three-on-three basketball tournament as well as the three-point and free throw competition.

Players in any intramural-sponsored event must either be freshman or have a 2.0 GPA and not be on academic probation.

Information regarding all intramural events can be obtained from the help desk located on the first floor of the UC and from Derrick Young whose office is UC room 214. He can also be reached by phone at 843-661-1186