Meet The Athletes: Tobias Pettersen


Photo by: Keyla Shepard

While an avid golfer, Pettersen also has a passion for business. He plans to take the Gradaute Management Admission Search Service after completing his four-year degree.

Tobias Pettersen is known around campus for not only being a Norwegian native, but also a leader on the FMU golf team.

Pettersen has accumulated an impressive record with numerous tournament appearances, top 10 finishes and a spot on the Norwegian National Team, but he mains humble about his accomplishments. He believes there is always room for improvement and realizes how fortunate he has been to have the opportunities that have been given to him.

Pettersen was in elementary school when a childhood friend dragged the then soccer player to the golf course. He fell in love with the sport. Living a short walking distance from a golf course gave Pettersen the opportunity to practice and perfect his golf talents. The practice paid off, and Pettersen earned a spot on the Norwegian National Team and has played courses like TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., which is one of his favorite places to play. The Country Club of South Carolina may not be a major national course, but it is a local favorite for Pettersen.

Although a major athlete, Pettersen is not actually planning to become a professional golfer. He is very interested in what he is studying and has a deep passion for business economics. He plans to take the Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) soon and continue his education after receiving his four-year degree. He said he will always play golf even though he doesn’t plan to play at a higher level. He looks forward to working for a business five days a week and playing golf on the weekends.

When he is not on the golf course or sitting in class, Pettersen enjoys hanging out in his apartment with his girlfriend or watching Netflix. He spends time on Facebook and Twitter and keeps up with social media.

Before a big tournament, Pettersen listens to house music, which is a genre of electronic dance music. On a day of a tournament, he said that from the time he wakes up to the time he tees off, he will have at least one earphone in so he can get in the zone.

Pettersen grew up in Norway and has had to deal with the transition to playing golf and living in the U.S. He said being shy has never been an issue for him, and FMU has welcomed the outgoing, easy-to-talk-to athlete with open arms.