Meet the Athletes, Courtney Wood

Sophomore basketball player Courtney Wood’s favorite quote is “you eat or you starve.”

If she is not on the court dropping baskets, Wood, an early childhood development major, can be found on the bench, but she is not one to be bitter about sitting there.

Wood said she is a full- blooded Patriot. She does not take a break from being a teammate, constantly slapping hands and giving pats on the back. She said she sees herself as a leader on the team and always tries to help build her teammates up, no matter what mistakes they have made.

“You can’t break [teammates] down because you won’t have anything left,” Wood said. “You have to build them up.”

Wood said she loves being a student athlete FMU and loves her teammates. She said she is a hard worker on the court, but she never fails to crack a joke or hit a goofy dance when things seem to be getting a little too serious. Wood does not let the pressure of being a student athlete distract her from being a team player.

Wood said she loves basketball and has been playing with her brothers since she was old enough to walk. It was love at first shot. Her brothers played in high school, but she said she is the only one of her siblings who has played at the collegiate level.

In addition to playing basketball at FMU, Wood and said she enjoys jamming out to Kevin Gates and Migos to get pumped up before a game. If given one wish, she said she wants a lifetime supply of re munchies, and she can be found eating them and watching her favorite movie “Lilo and Stitch.” Although being an athlete is important to Wood, being a good person always comes first. She said she looks up to Chicago Bulls basketball player Derrick Rose because of his ability to battle adversity and always strive to be a better person outside of basketball.

Wood said her long-term goal is to teach rst grade, but after college she wants to enter the Peace Corps and do some volunteer work before entering her career field.