Meet The Athletes: Judah Alexander


Photo by: Christina Xan

Sophomore forward Judah Alexander uses his height to rebound the ball and often leads FMU’s men’s team in the number of rebounds per game.

Sophomore basketball player Judah Alexander has been shooting hoops and dribbling down the court since he was 5 years old, and he has loved the game to this day. Alexander has been on FMU’s team for two years, and he played on his high school’s team.

Alexander uses the phrase “Work hard, play harder,” to motivate him, and this shows in every game he plays.

In an average game, Alexander usually catches about 10 rebounds and earns seven points a game for his team, helping towards their many wins this season. He usually starts as a power forward or enter. At 6 feet 7 inches, his height helps him rebound the ball with ease and allow his team to carry the ball back down the court to score. Often, the player who gets rebounds is tall, strong and good at jumping.

In practice and during games, Alexander makes scoring look easy. He jumps high and dunks the ball skillfully. He proudly wears his number 22 jersey, which has been his number since he played basketball in high school, and he says it seems to have brought him luck in recent games. He often leads the team in rebounding the ball, which has helped the team win several games this season.

When Alexander is not on the court, he says he is almost always listening to music. His music library is endless, and he listen to pretty much every genre. From cheerful pop to heavy rock, Alexander’s world is always filled with music. When not studying, Alexander enjoys playing video games, especially Fallout 4, a open-world action role-playing game about a post-apocalyptic Boston.

Alexander is from Mount Vernon, N.Y. He family has always has been supportive and active in encouraging his love of basketball.

Alexander says he is a fan of the Miami Heat, Florida’s professional basketball team, and he admires many of the players. According to Alexander, the team plays hard in every game, and they work together like a well-oiled machine.

Alexander is a psychology major at FMU. He says he loves his major and wants to continue his education to be a middle school counselor. He wants to work with middle school kids because he says that is there where many people struggle with adjusting to a new social atmosphere and understanding how to regain equilibrium in a stressful time. He looks forward to helping students make their lives better and assisting them in preparing for high school.

Though trying to manage classes and maintain a muscular physique can be a challenge, Alexanders says he works to keep up with it all. On many days, he has to wake up before the sun is even up, and he sometimes does not get to go to sleep until long after the sun goes down.

Alexander says he is looking forward to a fun basketball season and is optimistic about this year’s team. They have done well so far, and hopefully they will continue to play hard.