Meet The Athletes: Betty Suggs


Photo by: Christina Xan

Betty Suggs cheers on the Patriots at sporting events and says she has enjoyed becoming a part of FMU’s community. She says she enjoys meeting new people because of cheer.

Betty Suggs, a freshman elementary education major, said she is ecstatic about the experiences she is gaining as a cheerleader at FMU.

Suggs said she has been involved in activities similar to cheerleading since she took gymnastics lessons as a child, and she has become accustomed to performing in front of crowds.

She was a member of her middle school honors chorus, Tiger Tones, and spent four years in Wilson High School’s honors chorus, Tiger Production as well as cheering in high school. She also auditioned for and was accepted to a dance team called Fat Feet.

Suggs said she grew to love singing and dancing because of her role in chorus over the years and participating in other forms of dance outside of school.

Suggs is presently pursuing that same love of dance in her role as a cheerleader at FMU. She said she joined the team for many reasons, and one of those is that it is the best way she knew to continue dancing and added that it keeps her in shape. It also provides her with great people skills.

“I wanted to join a family and just be a part of something other than school,” Suggs said. “It has made me a lot more comfortable around people as a freshman at college. It not only helps me get to know the people on the team but other people too. People ask me if they’d seen me around, I say ‘yeah you’ve probably seen me with cheer.’ It’s a good conversation starter.”

Suggs chose FMU because it was close to home and provided her with the comfort she needed. After completing her first semester, she said she is happy to be here. She said that the teachers here are willing to help students with anything, and seeing familiar faces throughout the school day is something she is grateful for.

Suggs interests extend beyond cheer and dance. She has begun attending the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) since beginning college this year. She said she is also very involved with her church, Evergreen Baptist Church, and particularly enjoys working with the kids.

Suggs said that she absolutely loves children and has experience teaching them through opportunities with her church. She enjoys spending time with children and helping them to grow. Suggs said she has known since middle school that she would someday become an elementary school teacher.

As a teacher, Suggs said that her job is going to involve standing up and speaking in front of people, and she hopes cheer will help prepare her for that.

The cheerleading squad is currently preparing a new dance for homecoming. The dances are Suggs favorite part of cheering. She said her favorite dance that the cheerleading squad does at the moment is the dance to “Let Me Clear My Throat.”

Suggs said that cheerleading is not something she does solely for herself. She enjoys using it as a way to spread happiness.

“What cheer gives me is comfort to go up there in front of all the students and cheer. It gives me confidence and helps me be comfortable with myself,” Suggs said.

It also allows her opportunities to give to others.

“Cheer has helped me make other people happy,” Suggs said. “People see that I’m having fun, and it kind of provides me the opportunity to give other people joy.”