Meet the Athletes: Jonathan Reid


Photo by: Rosaline Abuaita

Jonathan Reid, FMU cross country runner, is motivated by his teammates and enjoys photography in his free time.

Kylie Cracknell , Staff Writer

For many students, coming to college helps them discover who they really are and where their true passions lie. This statement is especially true for FMU cross country runner Jonathan Reid.

As a freshman, Reid thought he had everything figured out. He chose FMU because of its outstanding engineering program and joined FMU’s cross country and track teams because running was always something he loved. But coming to college taught something about himself that he never expected to learn.

Reid is a senior psychology major who came to FMU from Lancaster High School, where he ran track and long distance.

Reid said he was eager to be part of the team here at FMU. He said that running has always been something he has been passionate about.

“I love running, and I love the community,” Reid said. “We’re all working towards the same goal: to run as fast as we can.”

Reid said being part of the cross country team is by far one of the biggest things that keeps him going when his alarm goes off at 5 a.m. for his morning run. His love for the team drives him to do his best every day.

“Even on rough days, I still cheer on everyone else while I’m dying in the back,” Reid said. “On a team like this, you’re not just running for yourself. You’re running for your team.”

Reid said he not only cares deeply about the cross country team, but he also cares about the academic community and the standard that is set for athletes on a smaller campus.

“FMU is different because we know our professors personally, and they know us and have a higher standard for us as student athletes,” Reid said.

While running and academics take up a lot of time for Reid, coming to college awakened a deeper passion for landscape and conceptual photography that he chose to follow.

Reid said he began dabbling in photography when he discovered Instagram and how to use it.

According to Reid, he enjoyed just taking artistic shots, editing them and sharing them on the social media site with his friends. His passion began to run deeper than just artsy pictures after receiving a few likes.

“I really started falling in love with it,” Reid said. “I love being able to express myself in an artistic way and find the beauty in everyday things.”

For the past four months, Reid began to put more time and focus into photography with encouragement from his sister and girlfriend.

He began building a portfolio and experimenting with other forms of photography such as portrait and event photography. Then he got the idea to open a business where he could sell his work and share it with other people.

Reid said that photography was something he felt very passionate about and wanted to turn it into something he could make into a career. Reid started Don Jon Shoots, a photography company that sells artistic prints. With the help of his sister, Reid spent the past couple of months getting the business off the ground and working on marketing strategies.

Reid said he’s hopeful about the future of the business and is excited about upcoming opportunities.

“Time management is very important,” Reid said. “I have an obligation to FMU and my team, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work on the things I’m passionate about. It’s a lot of long days, but it’s all worth it.”