Meet the Athletes: Shaunice Fulmore


Photo by: Rosaline Abuaita

Shaunice Fulmore is the recipient of the 2017 women’s basketball award from the Peach Belt Conference.

For junior psychology major Shaunice Fulmore, college basketball has become more than just a sport.

According to Fulmore, her decision to play basketball was sparked by her family and the support they gave her during her childhood.

Fulmore said she has been playing basketball since she was 7 years old. However, she started playing with schools when she was in middle school.

“My family and I used to play in the yard just for fun,” Fulmore said. “My dad and my brother helped me out and recommended I play on a school level.”

According to Fulmore, who is originally from Lake City, S.C., FMU scouts discovered her on YouTube and reached out to her high school coach.

Fulmore said she came to FMU to scrimmage, and FMU scouts came to watch her play at her high school.

“Because of talking to FMU, I ended up signing in November 2014,” Fulmore said.

According to Fulmore, she received this year’s women’s basketball preseason award.

“It’s a blessing,” Fulmore said. “It is a feeling I can’t really describe in words, but I know I have to continue to improve.”

Fulmore said the award was not just about her hard work.

“I couldn’t have gotten that award without my teammates and coaches pushing me every single time I’m on the court,” Fulmore said.

Aside from preseason, Fulmore said she has goals to work toward during this basketball season.

“I want to reach my thousand-point mark this season, have a higher percentage in free throws and be at the Peach Belt Conference Championship,” Fulmore said.

Fulmore said she enjoys being able to experience new things when she is traveling with her teammates during basketball season.

“My favorite part about traveling is seeing and being in the mountains,” Fulmore said.

According to Fulmore, being on the team has helped her grow and become a better person.

“Our team has grown to be a family,” Fulmore said. “Most of the people who are on the team now have been there since my freshman year.”

Fulmore said because the majority of the team members are upperclassmen, they have built close relationships with one another.

“We do almost everything together, and I trust them,” Fulmore said.

According to Fulmore, basketball is not the only part of her life that she is excited about.

“I chose psychology because it was a different route for me to further my education,” Fulmore said.

Fulmore said she plans to go to graduate school but said she does not yet know what school she wants to attend.

According to Fulmore, she plans to use her degree to help people.

“I am definitely going to graduate school for psychology,” Fulmore said.

However, she said she can’t decide if she wants to be a physical therapist or a school psychologist.