Lady Patriots claim double victory over Jaguars

FMU’s softball team won the doubleheader against Augusta University 4-3 in both games on April 10 at the Griffin Athletic Complex.

The Lady Patriots went into game two with a lot of momentum after winning game one 4-3.

In game two, the Lady Patriots started off with junior right-handed pitcher Amie Hutchison, who has a record of 11 strikeouts.

Senior shortstop Taylor Johnson started off the bottom of the first inning and floated the ball into the right field. However, Augusta’s defense stopped Johnson as she advanced toward first base.

Augusta’s pitcher walked senior infielder Angela Buccilli by pitching four balls.

Senior first baseman Jessica Harney ripped the ball out to center field and got an RBI double, pushing Buccilli all the way home and giving the Lady Patriots a run in the first inning.

Stepping up to the plate after freshman infielder Danielle Karacson was senior batter Jaimie Harney, who ripped the ball left of center field, bringing Karacson home.

The Harney twins, Jessica and Jaimie, led the offense for the Lady Patriots.

Keeping up the momentum, Karacson hit a ground ball left of center field and advanced to first base, pushing Buccilli to second base.

Jaimie tied up the score in the first inning with a two-run double.

On her third hit, Jaimie scooped the ball far left of center field again, bringing her sister Jessica home.

The Harney twins gave the Lady Patriots a 4-3 lead in the bottom of the first inning with two outs.

Jessica obtained three hits in game two and four overall in the doubleheader.

Following the Harney twins, senior infielder Jennie Polak got an RBI single.

Having a hard time facing the pressure of the Lady Patriots’ offense, Augusta had to switch out their pitcher, bringing in freshman Katy Caldwell, hoping to stop them on defense.

The Lady Patriots’ defense was just as good at punishing Augusta as their offense. The Lady Patriots stopped an impressive ground ball from Augusta’s pitcher Olivia Biles.

The Lady Patriots won Augusta’s defense by stopping plays made by ground ball hits.

The Lady Patriots loaded the bases throughout game two.

Senior catcher Chelsea Welty swung the ball left field in the bottom of the fourth inning and ran to first base, making it just in time.

The Lady Patriots loaded the bases with Augusta’s batters more in game two, but they made up for it with runs.

Head Coach Stacey Vallee was happy overall about the team’s win. However, she did notice some inconsistencies going from game one to game two.

“It wasn’t the prettiest in the second game, but a win is a win,” Vallee said.

Vallee was impressed with many of her players. She was especially proud of the fight Hutchison put up throughout the game.

“She kept fighting even when she would be 2-0 and 3-0; she just kept fighting and it was good to see that fight in her,” Vallee said.

The Lady Patriots are rank 26-15 overall and 5-7 in the Peach Belt Conference.

The Lady Patriots next game will be against Lander University at 1:00 p.m. on April 20. This will also be the softball team’s annual senior day.