Meet the Athletes: Kayla Arthur


Photo by: Contributed Photo

Arthur’s favorite part about playing volleyball is when the game gets really intense and the team has to pull deep from within to finish strong.

The spotlight is nothing new for the junior outside hitter and nursing student Kayla Arthur. Since her transition from basketball to volleyball in middle school, Arthur has been recognized for her hard work and achievements.

Arthur played in the starting lineup for FMU coming fresh out of high school.

During her first few semesters of college, Arthur worked tirelessly while traveling and playing late games to still be an outstanding student and to keep her grades high.

Arthur was listed in the Peachbelt Conference Presidential Honor roll in 2018 and 2019. She was also listed in the FMU Swampfox Athletic-Academic Honor roll for fall 2017, spring and fall 2018 and spring 2019.

In the spring semester of 2018, Arthur was accepted into FMU’s prestigious nursing program.

Born in Holly Springs, NC, Arthur started her athletic journey playing basketball.

“For the longest, I dreamed of going to the WNBA,” Arthur said.

In seventh-grade, Arthur wanted to try something new, so she started playing volleyball.

“I didn’t pick volleyball, volleyball picked me,” Arthur said.    

Volleyball not only offered athletic benefits for Arthur, but it gave her other things like friends and taught her valuable life lessons.

“Playing volleyball gave me this level of maturity because you are playing with girls from all walks of life so you have to be mature enough to be open to your teammate’s differences,” Arthur said.

Arthur was glad she made the decision to come to FMU. Arthur visited many different schools in her senior year of high school hoping to find the best choice.

“Picking the right school is like dating,” Arthur said. “You want the right pick for you and they want to find what is best for them.”

Even though Arthur was looking for the best volleyball team, finding the best nursing program was also very important.

“A lot of schools that I went to would not work with my schedule as an athlete,” Arthur said.

Arthur picked FMU because she saw the potential for growth in herself.

“I didn’t want to go in and be the best,” Arthur said. “I wanted to go in and get pushed because I knew I had more in me.”

Time management was another thing being a college athlete taught Arthur. As an athlete, Arthur has to manage the rigor of the nursing program and keep up with the intensity of playing volleyball.

“It’s just staying disciplined and communicating with your coach and teachers,” Arthur said. “I just have to stay on top of every little thing.”

During and after the season, Arthur maintains being disciplined.

“I do the best during the season because it forces me to stay on top and not mess up for fear of falling behind in my classes,” Arthur said.

As a freshman, Arthur wanted to earn her spot and take advantage of any opportunity she had to show how much her team and coach have helped her grow.

She hopes that other athletes will see through her journey that if you work hard it will pay off.

“You’re in control of your own destiny,” Arthur said. “Things don’t happen to you, you have to make things happen.”

Arthur gives her all every time she steps on the court, instead of giving up and letting her mistakes and failures deter her from working hard.

“If you get benched one game, you could let that stop you or you could push through and decide to let it make you better,” Arthur said.