ARCH offers free health screenings

Brooke Holden, Staff Writer

March 13, 2013

The Advancing Rural Community Health Program (ARCH) of Francis Marion University (FMU) will be sponsoring a free health screening on Friday, March 15.  The screening is open to the public and will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. at...

Love contributes to health and well-being

Deborah L. Hopla, Guest Writer

February 13, 2013

February has Valentine’s Day as a reminder for us to turn our hearts to the one, or ones, we love. Love causes release of adrenaline, phenethylamine, dopamine and oxytocin. These chemicals cause our hearts to beat fast, our...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Know Your Risks

Tracy George, Guest Writer

January 19, 2013

Sexually transmitted diseases are most likely to be diagnosed in people ages 15-24, the age of most students at FMU. The Pee Dee area of South Carolina has some of the highest rates of STDs in the state of South Carolina. Sexually...

UPB promotes healthy living among college students

Tiffany Roper, Staff Writer

January 26, 2011

By hosting their 3rd annual Health Awareness Week, FMU's University Programming Board (UPB) is attempting to promote healthy living among college students. In many cases, health is most likely not a major concern for college...

Flu Vaccination Clinic offered to reduce risks of infection

Jasper Dewitt II, Staff Writer

December 1, 2010

As the peak of flu season approaches, FMU Student Health Services fights to keep the virus off campus. With the drama of the H1N1 virus in the past, Cecilia Smith, Coordinator of the FMU Student Health Services pushes students...

Seminar provides insight into weight management issues

Eleni Gotter, Photographer

September 22, 2010

On Thursday, Sept. 16, a small group of faculty and staff gathered in the Lee Nursing Building Auditorium to learn how to manage weight and stay healthy. Diane Conte, who has a master's degree in science and physical health,...