Student IDs recieve facelift: New image said to be more visually appealing


The new visually appealing student IDs

Victoria Briggs, Staff Writer

After years of the same design, Francis Marion University (FMU) has begun issuing new
student IDs with a different look and that will provide new accesses around campus.
Janet McLeod, Rogers Library administrative assistant, explained that the newly designed
cards are the first step to the “one card system”. While changing to the new system, FMU
officials decided it was necessary to give the new ID cards a distinct look that would separate
them from the old ones.
The new cards sport more visual details.  Gone is the white backdrop and bare surroundings
of the previous student ID card.  It now has an image of the university’s front entrance with the
statue of General Francis Marion as the focal point.  The student’s picture is still seen as well as
their ID number.
In terms of text, the cards now have a larger, white font and a caption that identifies FMU
as “South Carolina’s comprehensive teaching university.”
Eventually, the cards will be used for more purposes than the previous ones, such as
vending and obtaining print copies.  Uses such as checking out books, Patriot Bucks and debit,
scanning for meal plans and building access are still applicable the with cards.
One student, Olivia Bishop, sophomore business major, said the system will be better for
students overall because it will be easier to keep up with a single card rather than money and

other forms of payment.

New students were the first to receive the IDs.  Returning students can bring their old cards
to the library and exchange them for new ones. Students may visit the library from 8:30-5 p.m.,
Monday-Friday, to do so.
It is necessary for students to have an ID, whether old or new, McLeod said, and students
should carry their IDs while on campus at all times.
“It’s important to have the card so the students have some type of information identifying
them as a FMU student,” McLeod said.
McLeod added that it is best for everyone, students and staff, to carry their IDs because
proper identification helps separate students and staff from visitors to the campus and other
people who may be nonmembers of the FMU community.
To help students obtain cards, they are given for free the first time.  However, if another is
needed, the cost is $15.  To prevent the loss of an ID, lanyards and keychain wallets are provided
in the Patriot Bookstore. Both new and old student IDs are applicable, and students do not have to get a new card each year of attendance.  The cards are reusable as long as they attend FMU.