Food Fest offers cultural experience


Hundreds of Students attend the Food Fest to sample dishes from the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

Joslyn McCall, Staff Writer

An aroma of international cuisine filled the air in the Smith University Center (UC) when the
2013 Cultural Food Fest began on Thursday, Oct. 24 from 12 to 2 p.m.
The Office of Multicultural and International Affairs (MIA), Multicultural Advisory Board
(MAB), Student Government Association (SGA) and the University Programming Board (UPB)
collaborated to host the event.
Approximately 200 students attended the event. Students were required to show their FMU
ID to participate in the event. MAB members greeted the students at the door and supplied
students with a plate, a “Cultural Food Fest 2013 Recipe Book”; which included details about the
food provided at the fest, a cultural facts handout that named each dish provided at the fest and
the cultural history each dish stems from and along with a program evaluation sheet.
MAB members decided on which cultures would be showcased in the event and which dish
would best represent the chosen cultures that would appeal to students.
The buffet line included Sweet Plantain Fritters representing the Caribbean, Mushroom
Risotto which originated from Sicily and Spain, Thai Curried Chicken Bites from Thailand and a
sweet treat Baklava from the Assyrian culture that is proclaimed to be eaten by higher class
Assistant Dean of Students Dr. Daphne Carter-McCants is also an Advisor of the Office of
MIA and Head Advisor of the Cultural Food Fest. Carter-McCants explained the inspiration for
this event comes from the desire to increase cultural awareness by informing students of the
values of multiculturalism.
“Our main expectation for this event was to implement a diverse learning experience for
FMU students,” Carter-McCants said.
According to Carter-McCants, student surveys showed they thoroughly enjoyed the event.
“We had an excellent overall rating for this event and we found that students really enjoyed
being introduced to foods that they would not have normally been given an opportunity to try,”
Carter-McCants said.
The Cultural Food Fest was first introduced in 2008 by the Office of MIA and the MAB and
has been an annual tradition since then.
Imanni Way, junior theatre arts major attended the Food Fest with hopes of gaining
knowledge on other cultures and enjoying great food. Way explained her perspective on the
“The Plantain Fritter was really good,” Way said. “I have attended this event in previous
years and every year it is a different surprise. I am glad Multicultural Advisory Board offers
The MAB consists of faculty, staff and students. MAB is currently accepting nominations for
faculty and staff board members positions. MAB student applications will be accepted in August
If interested, contact Carter-McCants at 843-661-1188.