Griswold to mentor in education program at Clemson


This summer, Griswold will be a mentor at Clemson University

Melanie Mitchell, Senior Writer

Silas Griswold, junior English major, will participate in the Emerging Scholars program this summer at Clemson University.  According to Griswold, the program provides outreach to high school students who will be first generation college students.

The Emerging Scholars program is academically enriching, focusing on math, reading and writing. The students will participate in team building exercises as well as other college-related activities such as tours of other colleges during the summer.

Griswold will serve in a mentorship position as a program advisor which gives him the opportunity to interact closely with these students, which for Griswold, is an opportunity to fulfill a goal.

“I have an interest in first generation college students,” Griswold said. “This [program] will not only give me the opportunity to work closely with them, but to offer my expertise on the college experience and to serve as a positive role model. I am honored to have been chosen.”

Although set to graduate in fall 2015, Griswold has already identified his career goals.

Griswold has plans to attend graduate school for higher education administration and then work at an education institution in the realm of student affairs, specifically in a judicial sector.

He feels that serving as a program advisor will give him an “edge” in the graduate school admissions process and offer him more experience in a field that will help keep him open-minded.

To support his goal of working in higher education, Griswold has been involved in many organizations on campus.

He is currently a senator on the Student Government Association (SGA,) a former South Carolina Student Legislature delegate, a former orientation leader, has served as Homecoming Parade Committee chairman, is a Leadership FMU graduate and a former Resident Assistant (RA).

Griswold said his time spent planning the Homecoming Parade was his first opportunity to get an up-close glimpse of how things operate in an office of student affairs, which he said impacted him the most.

He discovered this position on the Career Development’s bulletin board outside of their office in the Smith University Center (UC).  After submitting an application, resume and references, Griswold was selected for an interview and later found out he was given the position.

Griswold said he looks forward to experiencing life at another university.

“This position will allow me to work for another university for the summer, live on campus at a different school and experience the culture and flavor of a different college,” he said.

On a personal level, Griswold believes this opportunity will get him out of his “comfort zone.” He views this program as a “big responsibility,” one that will allow him to impact many students’ lives.

Griswold looks forward to meeting new people, networking and interacting with professionals from all walks of life.