Hallie Legg shares what brought her to S.C.

Aaron Gotter, Head Photographer

Junior Hallie Legg is one of FMUs defensive specialists on the 2010 volleyball team.

She was drafted out of Uniontown, Ohio by FMU because of her excellent high school statistics. As a senior in high school Legg lead her team in both assists and service points.

After Legg graduated her family became interested in moving to SC. When FMU expressed their interest in her, it was a perfect opportunity. Legg and her family’s primary reason for moving to SC was for its beautiful weather.

“It was a mutual thing,” Legg said. “I was interested in a school in SC and they were interested in me at the same time, so it just worked out.”

Legg was born in North Canton, Ohio. She became interested in volleyball from a young age because it was a sport that her family played regularly. When Legg was twelve she began playing for a local club travel team that helped her learn the basics of volleyball.

“In Ohio when you are twelve you can start the traveling team which lets you start to compete for the first time,” said Legg.

Leg played volleyball for a Christian School from fourth through fifth grade before moving up to her first public school, North Canton Middle School. When she got there she could tell that the competition had gotten more serious.

“It’s a whole other level once you start playing for the Junior Olympic league,” said Legg.

After the Junior Olympic league Legg played for North Canton High School. According to Legg, high school volleyball stepped up the competition another notch. She said that in middle school the most important thing is just getting the basics down, but in high school the only thing that mattered to them was the win.

Unlike individual sports like golf, volleyball requires a team to play. In order for a team to play well they must learn to play as one. Each team gets three hits to get the ball over the net. Ideally a volley would consist of a bump, set, and spike.

“Volleyball is a huge team sport,” Legg said. “Unlike sports that rely on individual performance volleyball requires the team to work as one.”

When Legg is out on the court playing she said that the main focuses she has is concentrating on the ball and cheering on her team. In volleyball keeping that moral of the team up is very important.

This year the women’s volleyball team is trying to raise money to support breast cancer research. To show their support they wear pink jerseys during their home games. During halftime last week the volleyball team held a special contest to raise money for their cause.

Last year Legg said that the volley ball team did several things to raise money and to help support the community.

“During our off-season we do a lot of community service,” Legg said. “Last year we volunteered for habitat for humanity, hosted a car wash and helped at Salvation Army.”

Last year the FMU volleyball team held camps to help teach young girls how to play volleyball.