Crime report 2-07-13

We ask that anyone having information about any crimes committed on campus call 661-1109.  You don’t need to tell us who you are; just tell us what you know.  You can provide your information anonymously through our “Silent Witness” page at on the campus police web site ( ).  In the past, “Silent Witness” reports have provided leads on cases under investigation.  Thanks to those community members concerned with keeping FMU safe and secure.   Please be our eyes and ears out there….  We need you to help us to help you.

For the period 02-07-13 through 02-20-13 the following incidents were reported to and/or investigated by Campus Police:


A Fire Response report to the Athletics Complex Filed House.  An engine seized causing damage to the engine itself and electrical wiring.  Referred to Facilities Management for repair.


A report of Damage to Personal Property in Parking Lot “G”.  A student reported their vehicle damaged while parked.


A report of Theft from a Motor Vehicle in Parking Lot “A”.  A student reported that on 02/08/13 their cellphone was taken from their parked vehicle.

An Information only report regarding someone putting the windshield wipers up on a vehicle while it was parked in Parking Lot “G”.  No damage was caused; the student merely wanted the incident documented.

A report of Violation of FMU written Policy at Ferguson Apartment.  A student was found to have a pet in their apartment.  One student referred to Student Affairs.


A report of Conduct that Threatens Health and Safety at Marion State Hall.  A student reportedly made comments about harming herself but with no action to carry out the comment.  One student referred to Student Affairs.


A report Possession of Marijuana and Alcohol in Belle Isle Hall.  One student jailed for the Marijuana Possession, four students jailed for Alcohol Possession and all parties present referred to Student Affairs.

An Information only report involving a case that began in Columbia over a family’s concerns for their student’s new boyfriend.  The student was contacted, interviewed and reported no problems.  The family was re-united with their student.


A report of Driving under Suspension on Alumni Drive.  A non-student was stopped for speeding and a records check revealed their driver’s license was suspended.  One non-student jailed and the vehicle towed from campus.


A report of Misused Temporary Parking Permit.  A student obtained a temporary parking permit for their boyfriend’s vehicle.  The temporary was confiscated and the student Referred to Student Affairs.

A report of Petty Larceny at the Housing Office.  An unknown subject removed a banner from in front of this office.


A report of Possession of Marijuana in Watson Hall.  Two students jailed and referred to Student Affairs.


A report of Alleged Drug Use that proved to be unfounded; no drugs were located.  Four students referred to Student Affairs for possession of alcoholic beverage containers.


A report of Liquor Law Violation on Wallace Woods Road.  A vehicle was observed backing into a parking space late at night with a commuter decal.  Officers approached the vehicle and found an open container of alcoholic beverage.  One student issued a state citation for the alcohol and referred to Student Affairs.

A report of Assault and Battery, 3rd degree and Failure to Comply with the Directions of a University Official.  The incident occurred off campus at a night club on 02/15/13 but was reported today.  The victim declined to file a criminal complaint.  One student referred to Student Affairs.

A report of Trespass Warning issued.  A non-student was making odd comments at the Lee Nursing Building.  When officers made contact the non-student alleged he was to meet a female student in or near the building.  With no further details or any educational need for him to be on campus he was issued a trespass warning and escorted from campus.



A report of Driving under Suspension on Wallace Woods Road.  A non-student was found on campus in the early morning hours.  When stopped officers discovered the non-student had several prior arrests for Driving under Suspension.  The non-student was arrested and taken to jail while his vehicle was towed from campus.

A report of a verbal roommate dispute in King Hall.  The Resident Assistant scheduled a mediation meeting and the students were referred to Student Affairs.


Campus Police officers responded to Six (6) requests for Medical Assistance during this period.


FOUND PROPERTY:  FMUPD currently has numerous items that were left unattended or found on campus.  If you are missing an item of property and can provide identifying information for your missing property, contact Lt. Ken Pittman at 843-661-1117.