Outstanding employees recognized

Robyn McNeil, Managing Editor

Francis Marion University (FMU) presented a 1,000 cash prize and a plaque to Outstanding Staff Service Award recipients Beverly Owens and Norman Taylor “for sustained exceptional service” on July 17 at the annual staff luncheon.

Owens, administrative assistant for the mass communication and modern languages departments, has worked at FMU for almost 14 years.  Owens expressed her appreciation and said the university has many worthy recipients.

“To even be nominated for this award is such an honor; and to win, knowing other deserving people were also nominated was very humbling,” Owens said.

Taylor, a member of custodial services, has been a part of the FMU staff for 10 years.  Taylor said the award came as a surprise, but he was honored to receive it.

“I was proud to get the award,” Taylor said.  “It made me feel like they must think I’m doing my job OK, that I’m doing my job right.”

Since 1999, FMU has been presenting the Outstanding Staff Service Award to two permanent, full-time and non-academic employees for continued superior service.  The nominations are made by faculty and staff members.

Owens explained that her favorite aspects of her job are working alongside the faculty and staff and offering students guidance.

“When students come in with problems and are feeling overwhelmed, I try to do whatever I can to help them find a solution to whatever their issues may be,” Owens said.  “It is so rewarding to see students leave with a smile on their face.  That, along with the fantastic faculty I work with, makes coming to work each day such a pleasure.  I often tell people that FMU is a wonderful place to work.”

Taylor shared Owens sentiments and also said that the people are what he most enjoys about working at FMU.

“I like to connect with all the people,” Taylor said.  “I enjoy talking to them, communicating with them.  The people are the best part of the task.”

Taylor added that he likes his department’s student worker program because it allows custodians to become acquainted with the students as well as gives them an understanding of the importance of his job.

“I try to do the best that I can to help [students,]” Taylor said.  “I try to keep the place clean, and give them a clean work environment and place to go to school.”

Owens explained that she will continue to maintain a successful work ethic and be a valuable asset to her departments through dedication to students and her co-workers.

“I will continue to strive to learn and grow to be the best that I can be and help my departments be the best that they can be,” Owens said.

Taylor said he is proud of the work he has done and his contributions to FMU.  He added that his goal is to provide a nice campus for those attend and work at the university

“Everything I do is important.  Everything, the students and all,” Taylor said.  “I’ll just do the best I can, and continue as I’m doing.”