Patriots storm past Lochs

After a long game that had a very slow start, the FMU men’s soccer team was victorious on March 22 over Clayton State University (CSU) with an astonishing final score of 4-0 at 6 p.m.

This game resulted in the soccer team’s overall score being 4-3-2, with four wins, three ties and two losses.

In minute three, Nestor Nunez (#14) made an amazing pass to Oier Bernaola (#4) which resulted in an offside. This is when an attacking player is closer to the opponent’s goal line than both the ball and the second to last opponent.

Around the 6th minute, CSU had their first shot, which ended up going wide. In the next minute, FMU had their first very clear shot that ended up being blocked by the CSU goalkeeper.

Both teams had very nice attacks within the first 11 minutes of the game; however, Magnus Hoejland had an injury that everyone was afraid might’ve been a broken ankle, but ended up just being sprained. Hoejland ended up being subbed, and remained out for the rest of the game.

In minute 13, Sam Pollard made a fantastic run; however, this also ended up being an offside. The Patriots made their first substitution in minute 22 from Nunez to Isak Strand.

Jafet Santiago (#6) had a nice one-on-one with the visiting keeper a few minutes later.

The Patriots had their first corner kick, which ended up being blocked, once again; however, they did not lose hope.

After halftime, both teams were playing well when Alvaro Zamora (#11) made a great pass to Javier Bello (#9) who then made a fantastic score at minute 25.

The Patriots then got their game faces on, and Bello passed the ball to Nunez, who scored the Patriots’ second goal at minute 18.

Three minutes later, a third goal was scored by Santiago. After this, around the 12th minute, Nunez got subbed out for Oliver Peters (#8).

The fourth goal came in around minute 8, when Bello made his second score of the game with an assist from Zamora.

After the game, Maximiliano Rocco, the FMU goalkeeper, said he loves his team and playing with so many people from all over the world.

“I have learned a lot from different cultures,” Rocco said. “And I think each one of my teammates improves and grows by knowing and learning from each other,”

Alvaro Zamora (#11) said playing with teammates from all over the world and observing how soccer is played in different regions is an enriching experience.

“What motivates me the most to keep playing is the competition and match days,” Zamora said. “Training and thinking about winning the next game always helps you to be motivated in each training session.”