FMU intramurals hosts putt-putt


Photo by: Cullen Dore

Student swings at the golf ball, looking to secure points for his shot.

FMU’s intramural department held its semesterly ultimate putt-putt tournament on Nov. 17 in the Smith University Center (UC).  

This semester’s winners were Tripp Lisenby and Amanda Wagner. Lisenby represented FMU’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry, while Wagner is FMU’s student life specialist and was not competing for points towards an organization. Wagner won by a +7 on par nine, and Lisenby won by -6 on par nine.  

The tournament was split into two teams: men and women. This semester, there were four participants, evening out to two players per team.  

The intramural department holds multiple events a year, allowing students to earn points for the organizations they represent. At the end of the school year, each organization has the chance to win one of six different awards: campus overall champion for men and women, independent champion for men and women and fraternity or sorority champion.  

For a smaller event like putt-putt, a team can win up to 10 points.  

“You get more points for playing longer events like tournaments,” Derrick Young, the director of recreation and the head of the intramural department at FMU, said. “These are like miniature tournaments, which is usually like one day, no more than two days…You get easy points, so the more you compete, the more points you get, the better chance you get a reward.”  

In addition to points, the winners were given FMU t-shirts and had their pictures posted with the details of their win. There were five putt-putt courses set up around the UC, one of which was on the balcony. Male-team winner Lisenby had never participated in an ultimate putt-putt tournament before.    

“With Myrtle beach being up the road, I’ve played putt-putt with just my friends or my family,” Lisenby said. “So, I know what the general concepts are of it and how to work it out.”   

According to Young, the tournament has taken place for around 10 years. The intramural department organizes multiple events a year as an opportunity for students to win points regardless of their strengths. In the past, they have done chess tournaments, ping pong competitions and flag football games.   

“Certain people cannot do physical sports,” Young said. “We have to make sure that we have other competitions that students who are maybe not as athletic can compete in.”   

Sheets to sign up for intramural activities along with sheets featuring a list of future events can be found at the information desk in the UC and outside of the UC in room 214. To participate, students must sign up at least a day before the event. An entry and roster sheet for intramural sports may be found on the FMU website: