ACS claims $2,000 prize


Photo by: Shelby Froese

ACS leads 245-20 in the final match of the President’s Bowl against Phi Alpha Theta.

FMU’s second President’s Bowl tournament concluded with the American Chemical Society (ACS) claiming victory against Phi Alpha Theta 410-100 on March 4 in the Lowrimore Auditorium of the Cauthen Educational Media Center.

This was the ACS team’s second consecutive President Bowl win. ACS won $2,000 for coming in first place and Phi Alpha Theta won $500 for coming in second place.

Both teams put a lot of effort into preparing for the competition. To get ready for the competition, ACS practiced by using trivia questions, Trivial Pursuit and other trivia sources they found on the Internet. Jake Pack, Phi Alpha Theta’s team captain, said training for the competition was unconventional.

“We don’t really train in a way that you would think for most competitions because it is so random what they can ask,” Pack said. “So really it has just been hours brushing up on Wikipedia.”

Corbin Witt, captain of the ACS team, said he was proud of his team’s achievement in the competition. He had a few ideas about how the team would spend the prize money. Last year, they used the money to renovate the chemistry student lounge in the Leatherman Science Facility. This year, they plan to complete the renovation by getting new furniture.

Christopher Johnson, professor of English, was one of the organizers of the event.

“All the President Bowl matches have been a lot of fun, presented a lot of good sport and they have been exciting,” Johnson said.