Is the sky the limit?

Martha Armstrong, Staff Writer

As college students trying to find our path in life, we have all heard the idiom: “The Sky’s the Limit!” I decided to research the meaning of this term, coming up with the following: the potential is limitless. Just as the sky seems neverending and infinite, this phrase basically means there is no limit to what a person can do. This phrase is often used to define a person’s potential: meaning he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

Now let us be honest, this cliché is great and all when trying to encourage someone to “be all that you can be” or “you can do anything you set your mind to.” Although the phrase is in song lyrics and has been quoted by many people, it is dead. It is fallacious. Brilliant scientists and engineers in NASA have created ways to blast through the sky and explore the infinite galaxy. You see, humans have proven that we can reach beyond the sky! Therefore, by saying “The Sky’s the Limit,” we are actually limiting our future and selves to a much lower standard.

With that said, we as humans have set limits by even saying that limits exist. Just as the galaxies beyond this earth are unexplored and infinite to the point that is unfathomable to human understanding, so is the potential within each one of us to create our own destinies. Our own path.

These limitations that society puts on us and we put on ourselves exist solely in one’s mind. It is fear, self-doubt, and negative thoughts that paralyze people from blasting beyond the limitations that they have set for themselves. It is self-sabotage!

There are many ways that we can blast beyond the limits we have set in our own minds. The first involves failure. Do not be afraid of failure! Instead see it as an opportunity to spur yourself into analysis, thoughts, and plans that will bring you out of this failure. Instead, accept failure as a sign that redirection in life is needed. But beware indecision: this will paralyze a person into inaction.

After a failure, take action to try different directions despite the temporary discomfort in life. This may take sacrifice, determination, and goal setting in order to set a different direction. For instance, if a student at FMU finds that they are struggling and hating the classes required by the major they have declared, it may be time to do some inventory of the skills and talents that student has. Many times in life we want to do something, but it simply is not a good fit. There is nothing wrong with this, each individual has unique talents and skills to contribute in this world.

Also, never accept the status quo or the societal acceptance that failure is an allowance to wallow in self-pity. Instead, see it as an opportunity to create your own destiny with your own experiences, skills, talents, and connections.

Decide to be different, to disregard what others try and limit you to. Take advice from wise people into consideration, but wisely consider what is best for YOUR life, and create your own original solutions. That is true entrepreneurialism.