Spring Break for Some…But Not All

Marsh Julian, Staff Writer

April 18, 2013

Spring Break was great, right? Spring Break is the much-anticipated event usually occurring in mid-semester. I love the break. I try and take full advantage of my time off from the busy grind of the school regiment. Many will...

Is the sky the limit?

Martha Armstrong, Staff Writer

March 13, 2013

As college students trying to find our path in life, we have all heard the idiom: “The Sky’s the Limit!” I decided to research the meaning of this term, coming up with the following: the potential is limitless. Just as the...

Birth control controversy pains editor

Staci Poston, Managing Editor

February 28, 2012

As Jon Stewart said on “The Daily Show” on Feb. 14, “You’ve confused a war on religion with not always getting everything you want.” The Affordable Care Act has recently undergone a slew of controversy, even inspiring...