You are your parents

Dr. Karen Thompson, APRN, WHNP Assit. Professor Dept. of Nursing

March 2, 2013

The title of this article probably sends shivers down the spine of the average college student.  Attending college is a time when young adults get to separate themselves from the people that controlled their existence for the...

What to give up…pepsi or Facebook?

Marsh Julian

March 2, 2013

As a Baptist, it is not our custom to participate in many of the practices of Lent. However, as a Christian, I believe in the importance of the story in which the forty-day season is based. The forty days of fasting are to emulate...

Fun with a different type of family

Katelyn Lamb

March 1, 2013

“And Baby Makes Seven” by Paula Vogel opened at the Performing Arts Center on February 20. It is a psychotically funny comedy that kept me entertained throughout its entirety. There was not a moment when I was not laughing...

Three Patriots take on Washington, D.C.

November 13, 2012

To all FMU students, faculty and staff,   Recently the Patriot ran an article about some students that are taking a trip to Washington D.C. in January. As the time has gotten closer for us to go on our trip we (Brooke,...

Student Body President Cody Simpson welcomes Patriots

August 21, 2012

Dear Patriots, Welcome to Francis Marion University, a community united by education and service.  Here at FMU, we are a family committed to supporting both academic and personal growth. Regardless of how you chose to be...

Cartoonist addresses comic backlash

March 25, 2012

To whom it may concern,   In the last issue of The Patriot, a cartoon of mine was published in the Opinion section featuring Darth Vader attempting to convince Luke Skywalker to join him in a FMU fraternity.  Some...

College Democrats and Republicans agree on candidate endorsement for Simpson

March 25, 2012

On behalf of the Presidents of College Democrats and College Republicans at Francis Marion University, we are supporting Cody Simpson for re-election as President of SGA. Cody has truly helped build a bridge between the College...

English instructor reacts to recent controversy over published editorial cartoon

Natalie Mahaffey

March 25, 2012

An Open Letter to the Students of Francis Marion University:   I’m pissed off. No, really. I am. I’m pissed off at the student body on this campus. And I’m not ashamed to express that to you because I once was...

Ringling Bros. Circus responds to recent protest coverage

March 25, 2012

For over 142 years, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has been showcasing the most amazing talent from around the world. Animals have been an integral part of Ringling Bros. throughout the years and they are consistently...

Student urges others to be courteous

September 7, 2011

Dear Editor: This letter is in regards to a lack of common courtesy that I’ve noticed among the people on campus. Let’s start with behavior in cars and in the parking lots, since it is the most dangerous issue. It seems...

Letter to the Editor

November 17, 2010

Dear Editor: I was just thinking of the disunion between the "Swampfox Emergency Alert System" and the requirement of administrators and instructors that all cell phones be silent (not even on vibrate) during class time. I...

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